Learning to be a Masseuse

I was in a dead end retail job. The store that I worked for did not offer any type of benefits, and they only gave me a quarter raise per year. I was absolutely miserable with my daily life, but I had to pay my monthly apartment rent and other bills so I could not afford to go back to school. But this lifestyle was taking a toll on me; I was depressed and gaining weight. I needed to make some type of change in my life.

One of my co-workers mentioned that she was going to check out a local school that offered a program that would help you to attain your massage certificate in a year. She said that the school offered evening and weekend classes so that she would be able to still work her regularly scheduled hours at the store, but be able to take the courses that she needed to in order to get a massage certificate.

I decided to tag along with her on the day of the tour so I could explore what other career options that I could possibly take advantage of. The school was located just ten minutes from my apartment.

When we entered the first thing that I noticed was that everyone inside seemed to have a positive attitude. Students and administrators alike were all cordial and enthusiastic. For people to be this happy, they must love what they are doing.

We sat in on a couple of classes that were in progress. One was a traditional course in the anatomy of the body. This class was very informative and educational. Then we walked into a class that was geared to help you find the perfect environment to perform your massages, whether it is a spa or a chiropractor’s office. I never knew that there were so many places that employed massage therapists. The last classroom that we walked into was a hands-on clinical class demonstrating techniques for people that had suffered sports injuries. This class was my favorite; I could envision myself performing massages on a number of people and promoting wellness.

After the tour concluded we sat down with counselors that provided us with some statistics. These statistics included: the average pay that a massage therapist could expect to make annually, how the demand for massage therapists was on the rise, and that we could expect to find employment in less than a month after receiving our massage certificate. Needless to say that we both filled out applications for enrollment on that very same day

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