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A Boy kisses a girl
In relationships, just as in every other aspect of life, the spirit and attitude with which you do things is at least as important as your actual actions.

The small things which affect your relationship have a great impact on your partner. These things may seem worthless but may be responsible for the betterment of your mood. The points mentioned below may be very petite but these assure that you really do care to uplift the lack of spirit in the rapport you share with your partner.

A boy kisses a girl
In Relationships, Just As In Every Other Aspect Of Life, The Spirit And Attitude With Which You Do Things Is At Least As Important As Your Actual Actions.

Start your day by sending your partner a nice lovie-dovie text. It’s the most beautiful feeling to wake up with a lovely message from your lover. The same could be done before sleeping and don’t forget to cuddle her before going to bed. You will sleep with a big smile on your face.

The another more important aspect of a relation is to share random stuffs. After all the busy day without her all you need is to tell her what you did the whole day. This may sound boring but let me tell you it makes her feel important. After a sudden period of a relationship it happens that you lack the time to talk to each other. Your partner starts comparing the initial days with the present and then all the complaining starts; you don’t have time for me or you are not interested in me or you ignore me or you don’t bother anymore…blah blah blah. This can be avoided if you make them feel inspite of all the busy schedule you still miss them. Don’t pretend as if talking with each other is just a formality. Be good, after all it depends on you to mould your partner’s mood.

Don’t forget important dates. Girls have a huge problem with a boy’s inability to remember dates, although not intentional. How does it feels when she calls you midnight just to wish a happy anniversary or to remind you the day when you proposed her? The same feeling she deserves.  If you can’t remember just pin the dates to your desktop or just set a reminder but don’t let her feel as if all this does not matter to you with the passing time.

Sharing your career plans with your lover makes them feel needed and important. Ask for their suggestions and they may surprise you with their skill to solve your problems. Don’t hesitate in sharing your ambitions with them, after all you two need to work it out together.


  1. When it comes down to the end of our life, it will not matter how successful we have been or how many assets we have accumulated. What will be important is that we have built meaningful relationships with people. In fact, a life is wasted if it has not had an impact on the lives of others.

    • I agree.. 🙂
      And even these valuable relations adds to the assets in one’s life.
      Everyone of us possess the ability to leave imprints on someone’s life.

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