Last-minute Tips For Running a Live Sound at Your Event

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Soon you are hosting your event! You have sourced the event sound system from Surrey Speaker Hire, and the equipment is on the ground. You have double-checked on the event checklist, and you have everything needed. The event presenters are ready to take on stage and roll out the functions.

Maybe you have played safe and hired a good crew of audio technicians to operate the sound system and video wall Singapore. You will handle the system yourself if you are among the many event planners who work on strict budgets.

Here, you will get tricks and tips to run your event like any other professional technician.

Ensure the PA system can adjust to any changes that might arise

Start with first things first. The sound system equipment should be able to handle the size of the event in question. You need to know that the volume of your PA system will change the moment the event venue gets filled up. It means you will need more volume for it to serve the crowd well. You will need a more extensive PA system than the venue needs to ensure you have enough headroom. sound system

Know your power sources

As an event planner, you need to know all the possible power sources for the venue.

You need to make sure you know the location of the power sources and the fuse box. Many people tend to ignore this step in the frenzy of event planning.

Watch your gear and where to plug them in

Setting a sound system is a challenging task. Don’t make the mistake of losing track of the system. Have an inventory to know the individual responsible for specific equipment.

Have all your accessories marked, especially cables, and color code them at terminals. You will be able to understand where each cable goes. Don’t forget to protect your accessories during the event.

Test the sound system

Set a time to set up the PA system and test it early before the event starts. The best time to test the PA sound equipment is one or two hours before the event begins. If you are nor sure how to go about and want to be stress free, check with live music Gold Coast and let them handle all your music issues.

Avoid overloading the PA system

While operating the soundboard, begin with modest volumes. Overloading a sound system may lead to abrasive distortion and feedback. It becomes evident that the event had an unprofessional and poor planer.

Mind the multimedia presentations volume

Be keen on the PA system during multimedia presentations. Do this mainly for the ones that feature music, videos, and sound effects. Don’t get swayed by the volume. Ask every presenter if they need any unique multimedia presentations to avoid mishaps.sound systems

Update presenters to mind microphones

You might be having some novice presenters in your crew who don’t know how to handle microphones. Ensure you address all microphone concerns to the presenters. Remind presenters not to move close to the loudspeakers, especially if the space is small.

If you have wireless microphones, show the presenters the correct positions. You will avoid interfering with sound clarity and transmission.

A person should always be behind the soundboard 

You can’t set a mixing board and leave it to operate by itself. Assign someone to take care of the last-minute issues. It will give technicians an easy time to concentrate on the stage happenings.


When preparing for a concert or an event, the hardest thing is to choose the best PA system for use. You can hire one from professional companies to revive the event. Make sure you pay attention to the above tips for the PA system to work well.

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