Photo Feature:15 Amazing Photos from the Kailasa Concert at Revels 2012 Manipal !


Mahesh Mayuur our Photographer was there at the Kailasa concert. The atmosphere was electric as Kailash Kher and his band, Kailasa, belted out hit number after hit number for almost 2 hours. He managed to capture some incredible images at the Kasturba Medical College – Manipal Greens. Here are 15 incredible images from the Revels 2012, Pro-Show, exclusive to!

Kailash Kher 010
He Came, He Saw, and He Conquered! Kailash Kher in concert at the Greens, KMC Manipal.
Kailash Kher 001
“Do something out of the box, to have a change, this was the aim that we were focusing while forming Kailasa in 2004,” said Kailash Kher to the audience.
Kailash Kher 002
Call him phenomenal, call him a rock star and call it a night. He began with “Piya Re Piya Re” and followed with soulful and wistful numbers.
Kailash Kher 003
It was a perfect evening for music aficionados as Sufi sultan Kailash Kher and his band took the stage on Tuesday March 27 evening at the cultural event 'Revels' in Manipal Institute of Technology (MIT).
Kailash Kher 004
Enchanting the audience with soulful songs! It was a rare opportunity indeed, being witness to a genius called Kailesh Kher rendering songs so soothing you want to melt into them, with that magical voice that uplifts the soul to great heights and transports one to a different world altogether.
Kailash Kher 005
Rows of chairs filled with hundred of audience and music lovers. The audience sat enchanted by the Sufi and Bollywood songs. The crowd went into a frenzy as Kailash Kher blew every listener's mind away with his superhits songs.
Kailash Kher 006
Girls from the organizing committee of Revels 2012 were called on stage to dance to Kailasa's tunes!
Kailash Kher 012
“Lose control, dance your spirit out,” was Kailash Kher's call and as the evening progressed, the chairs were empty as everyone was dancing to his tunes.
Kailash Kher 007
Khailash Kher invites beautiful Manipal girls to dance for his song!
Kailash Kher 008
Teri Deewani was full of soul and drove the crowd at Manipal greens into a Frenzy!
Kailash Kher 009
Here Naresh Kamath from the Band Kailasa performs on the guitar and as back up voice.The audience couldn’t be happier. In his later performance, Kher transformed himself into Lord Shiva’s devotee by playing the damaru and chanting, “Babam Bam”.
Kailash Kher 011
Kailash Kher Sings Kaise Batayein from Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani! Kher wasn’t hesitant to make jokes about himself, “I can challenge actor Dharmendra with my dance steps. "
Kailash Kher 014
Some of the songs that were performed - Teri Deewani, Tauba Tauba Re, Tu Jaane Naa and Saiyaan. Kailash Kher thrilled a crowd of close to 5000 students of Manipal!
Kailash Kher 015
"Wait for It" - the battle of the bands winner at Revels 2012 performed a few numbers after the Kailasa concert and put up an admirable show! They played, Eye of the Tiger and Imagine among a couple of other songs.
Kailash Kher 016
Though there was massive sound problems nearing the end of the day, Zehen,MIT Manipal's own resident band, put up a few good numbers to round of the memorable night!

The crowd had become one with his music, forgetting themselves, lost in a trance. He had colored their lives with his music. True to the meaning of his band’s name, the experience was heavenly.

All Photographs Copyright Mahesh Madhukar and

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