The kinda folks I met in college…

I recently read this post by Dr. Vishaal which detailed what not to do in Manipal. I guess you can extrapolate that to any college in India. I am going to take off from where he left off. I have a slightly different perspective though.

I believe we are just hard-wired in a certain way. That means every person will act, react and follow a path that is sort of pre-decided by the way you’ve been brought up, where you are from up simply put; just who you are. So it’s probably easier for A to study 10 hours but just impossible for B to do the same. But you know the fun part is B may not need it.

So here goes my list of the kinda people I saw all around me in medical college:college friends

Karmayogi… Well these are the dudes who are just built to be party/ booze/ opposite sex proof. They have this cocoon around them that just lets them put their foot on the gas and gobble up book after book. They will 99% be a cardiologist exactly 12 years after starting college (do the math). Hats off… but that’s how they are engineered… that’s how they’ve always been.

Jeanius…  Well this is the smart lot you’ll see in trendy denim matched with the most hep accessories. They really are gifted and need just a few days of slogging before they ace the UNIs. With-it, cool and genius this bunch just does things differently but I must admit with varied results over the long-term…

Manjhi…  Bespectacled, serious yet fun once you get past the tough exterior. Getting thus far has usually been tough but nothing breaks their spirit and no matter what the odds they will get where they belong through sheer persistence. The best part is you’ll always feel inspired as you peel away the layers to get a feel of how tough its been; smashes all your pessimism.

Street…  never take these small town boys lightly. They’ve been there and done that. From the best street food to late night watering holes they’d have discovered it long before you were getting over your home-sickness. Fun to hang out with but caution is always advisable.

I could add so many, I mean with a batch of 250 there was such diversity among the folks I met in college.

But at the end my whole point is that you’ll know all about what is right and wrong but the choices you make, decisions you take are just a pieces of this grand jigsaw that mirrors who you really are. Far away from home, on your own is the time you’ll discover a lot about yourself you never knew. Your qualities, dreams, desires and importantly, your limitations.

I think its alright to enjoy, take the path less traveled till you know where to stop. Till you are being yourself I guess you’ll do just fine. Trouble starts when you become what someone else wants you to be.

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