KC Wall for sale on Shop n Pick Soon?

KC Wall Broken down

Jai Patel-Shah is not much of a philosopher. But in his Hostel room filled with concrete pieces of the Kamath Cicle (K.C.) Wall neatly stocked in banana boxes, the entrepreneur asserts that man cannot live on the Facebook Wall alone.

“I would starve if I tried,” he said, looking around the room from where he also sells glitter-sprayed postcards and T-Shirts showing other K.C. Wall tourist attractions. Two days after the fall of the concrete barrier that divided many an MIT Students opinions in recent times, Jai is still the go-to man for souvenir fragments.

“To me, the Wall is a product like any other. It’s business,” Jai said, standing in the midst of thousands of small graffiti-sprayed pieces, arranged according to size. “It started off when I saw someone on ebay, selling pieces of the “Berlin Wall”. I simply thought: I can do better than that,” said the 21-year old.

Kamath Circle Wall Broken Down Memorabilia
Soon After it was broken down, MU Doberman reported that large
section of the KC Wall went missing!!

“It wasn’t difficult. There was so much Wall around,” he said. He ended up with about 10 metres of Wall, each segment weighing 26 Kilos and standing 1.0 metre high. With the barrier now hard to find on the streets of MIT he says demand is still high, although customers have become discerning.

“Packaging is everything,” he said, as one of his three colleagues attached a small wall segment to an acrylic frame. Clients now want more sophisticated souvenirs than just pieces of plain concrete.

He has lodged a patent application for his technique of implanting wall bits into plastic globes and attaching them to postcards, and says he will soon also provide Wall memorabilia online at Manipal’s only second-hand online bazaar Shop ‘n’ Pick!

All quotes and “facts” in this article are made up (but you knew that already, didn’t you?)


  1. Not mentioning that MIT wanted a cut of the profits/sales made "All quotes and "facts" in this article are made up (but you knew that already, didn't you?) " pretty obvious 🙂

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