It’s the way you see – Hashmat Naiyareen


It's the way you see - hashmat naiyareen 1Every time when life flatters its beautiful wings;
It tends to show us something new.
When life comes up dressed in a rainbow;
A demand of colours strolls down on me.
My thought sails to find its destiny
So as to reminisce over the acts which grew me up.
And I could see the stars twinkling,
The leaves floating in air; and
A hardwork that was invincible.
Smile comes on to my face when I see;
Painter paint with love;
A mother bearing the pain of her womb;
The rain showering its blessing on the earth;
A man satisfied with his wealth;
And laughter with great rejoices.
The strength I get to believe is great
That there’s still life to be cherished.
I look at the moon and its enthralling innocence;
My eyes have known this sight forever.
It is always the beauty within that engrosses my eyes
And enhances the power of my thinking.
The hurdles that I face today
Seem to have lost the feel of revenge.
The night doesn’t end with a sad note now;
It brings enthusiasm for the dawn to awake.
Even though when I sleep with no shelter;
I don’t curse rather enjoy the twinkling sky.
The bitter starts to taste sweet;
When it’s the only way out.
And even when times are hard,
I try to reach my lips to the dimple of my cheek.
Blindness fades around me when I meet new people;
So as to judge them not by skin but what’s in there deep.
My trampled life caused me to know the gifts of life
And to know that a heart resides in every soul.
I left my heart to roam and my mind to gather
The segments of life that needed care to nourish.
My heart’s room is open for everyone’s happiness;
‘Cause it reminds us of the optimism resting within.
My hope still engraves to rescue all in need;
And this is my definition of a Wonderland I live in.

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