Is wearing a Bra while sleeping, Bad for you?


It is early times in our marriage, I observed that my wife sleeps with her bra. At that time, I could not imagine if it’s comfortable for her to have that thing for the whole 24 hours.

Then she decided not to wear it for the longest time now. I think she was missing how comfortable it is of sleeping without one.

Is wearing a bra does not increase the chance of having breast cancer nor it will not affect the woman’s heath?

Answer: It’s not a good idea for women to sleep with a bra, one should sleep as free as possible to allow blood circulation through the body. Your body is tied up with all kinds of things all day so at night it should be free. I don’t sleep with either bra or a panty and that feels very good.

Personally, I could say that it was not comfortable sleeping with a bra. I had read before that bra with metal on the cup could be bad. Especially if worn tight and for too long. It could hinder blood circulation and also not comfortable.

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P.S.: For those of you who are still wondering whether wearing a Bra while sleeping is Bad, Click Here.

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