Is BITS Pilani Overrated?

The concept of university education is not new to India. As a country so immensely rich in culture and knowledge, it was the epicenter of knowledge thousands of years ago. Students from all across the globe swarmed to gather the nectar of knowledge from reputed ancient universities, which paved the golden way for ancient India.

Being a country which is soon expected to become the world’s most populous country within the next decade, science education is of tremendous value as it equips the best brains to further boost the growth and development of the country.

BITS Pilani is one of the most prestigious institutions, which is a complete package of excellence, integrity, and prestige. This has been a dream college for many of the engineering and science aspirants across the country. Known for its excellent record of placement & world-class infrastructure, BIT Pilani stands top among the engineering college in the country.

Before we begin, everyone who reads this need to understand that, things like universities and quality of education are not univariate. Next time when you hear someone commenting BITs Pilani is the best, simply ask yourself the series of questions like what are your future goals? What quality of education do you desire?

Let us examine some of the pros and cons of BITS Pilani to find out the real answer

Fully Reservation free

For a country which has reservation running right through its veins, going reservation free and giving admission entirely based on merit is a revolutionary idea. Never again, you have to worry about losing your hard-earned opportunity to someone with a lower rank. Yes, at BITS Pilani all are reserved. All admissions in BITS Pilani are entirely based on merits alone. Thanks to the elite management team of BITS who believe that each and every student is perfectly equal, and priority should be given to merits alone.

Zero attendance policy

Have you ever wondered how to spend the time while attending a boring lecture? Many students are forced to participate in the lecture out of the fear of losing marks for attendance. If you are a student of BITS Pilani, congrats as you have one less thing to worry about. The management team believes that the records of attendance are not in any way related to the ability of students to understand the subject matter of study or his ability to grab better grades. In short, we can say that even if you don’t attend even a single lecture, you won’t be barred from attending exams. Of course, being a campus of excellent infrastructure, there are several other options to learn, such as from books, internet, and from the numerous journals in the library.

However, be cautious of the surprise tests which could happen anytime.

Cost of education

Having flexibility in choosing your subject and lectures does come at its own price. At present, the tuition fee is about 1.59 lakhs for a semester. This will add up to 3.9 lakhs per annum, once combined with the mess and hostel charges. Expensive, when compared with the fee structure of NITs and IITs. However, there are scholarships to help students financially.MCN (Merit-cum-Need) scholarships are given to students with lesser financial income. This can range from 80%, 40%, and 25% based on your annual score.

Flexibility in curriculum

BITs Pilani is quite well known for the unique flexibility which is offered to its students. There are various options freely available for dual degree and course transferring with absolute ease. Apart from giving the students to opt for a convenient time for their classes, students are also given enough freedom to choose their professors as well.

A flexible curriculum gives the students full freedom to explore their classes more freely without being limited to taking predefined requirements. Also, this will help the students to explore the world of science and discover their own interests.

Next-generation remote access campus

Just imagine how amazing it would be to attend the lectures happening in a different part of the country and fully interact with the professors. Well, you have come to the right place. All campuses are connected through BITS Connect 2.0 – a million-dollar project. With BITS Connect 2.0 fully functional, the possibilities are almost limitless. For example, a student from the Pilani campus can not only attend lectures at Goa but can also ask queries and interact online.

Veteran professors and updated Curriculum

The elite faculties of BITS Pilani are quite well known to adopt revolutionary changes in the curriculum swiftly, then the IIT’s and NIT’s. The professors are thoroughly updated about the growing trend and are continually updating the curriculum to improve the quality of education.

The Government of India has recently declared BITS Pilani as one of the six Institutes of Eminence due to its contribution to research, quality of faculty and variety of journals published by the institution

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