BITSAT FAQs: How to Give your Preference During Admissions?

First of all congrats for scoring well in your first backup. Many of you will have questions as to how to fill the choice preferences, so the following algorithm should be able to help you out.

* If you have any particular interest in a branch, ask for the course structure and do a little research before taking it. If that turns out to be on par with your expectations then you should fill it on the top.

Here onward, I am considering that you don’t have any particular interest in any branch.

Things which have been taken into consideration

  • Placements
  • Relative difficulty(among the science branches)
  • Duals- Compatability with CS and EEE/ENI/ECE
  • Cutoffs, when there’s particularly no difference in campuses.

CHOICE 1: Computer Science (CS) : Nothing needed for explanation. 1f609

Campus choice

  • Goa=Pilani. You can prefer the campus on the basis of your location preference. Pilani wins in age and reputation, Goa is growing very fast to catch up.
  • Hyderabad.

From here onward choice filling should consider

  1. Your financial situation
  2. Your dedication to pursue CS
  3. Mindset for studying in the first year to get 8.5 + CGPA

If you qualify in all the three fine, else

Choice 2 Economics

If you fear to get Chemical/ Civil/Manu too much

  • Prefer Goa above Hyderabad.
  • Why?  Because Goa doesn’t have civil and manufacturing  and Hyderabad has Civil and Chemical both.
    (I’m not demeaning any branch. I am just going with the criteria I mentioned)
  • Still, if you are confident enough that you WILL study, fill it in the order of, Pilani>Hyd>Goa

Choice 3. Msc Bio Pilani=Hyd>Goa.

  • I have seen immense praise for Biology department of Hyderabad Campus. Hence, this ‘you might not like’ preference as the third choice.
  • Biology along with CS makes way to an entirely different sector!

Choice 4&5&6 Msc Maths, Physics, and Chemistry.

Warnings :

  1. Don’t take them solely on the basis of your interest in the respective subject at +2 level, things DO change in college.
  2. Physics and Maths make deadly (wrong sense) and hectic combination with Electronics branches (all three)

Hence, you should do a little research about the courses, consult a few seniors before taking anything here.

I have heard that Goa is the best in Physics.

Still, I placed them above the rest in preference because you are going through the section of ‘I will study’ and the possibility of getting CS remains practical (I don’t think that you should rely on vertical transfers (BE to BE) while filling up the form)

A glimpse of how it works

  • I will change my branch from Pharma to CS: neither practical nor possible
  • I will change my branch from EEE/ECE/ENI/Mech/Manu/Chemical/Civil to CS:
    Possible but not Practical/Reliable
  • I’ll take CS as the second branch with my Science one: Practical and Possible.

After filling these, filling other branches may seem redundant as the cutoff of dual goes relatively low, still, you should respect the fact that cutoffs may change colors and then you’ll be helpless. Hence, the post continues for you.

Choice 7,8,9 . Electronics branches in order of the cutoff. i.e, ECE >EEE>ENI
# Pilani EEE on the top.
(I’ll personally suggest you prefer Hyderabad over Goa)

Choice 10 Mechanical. Pilani>Goa=Hyderabad

Choice 11 Manufacturing Pilani

Choice 12 Civil Pilani > Hyderabad

Choice 13 Chemical Pilani>Goa=Hyderabad

Choice 14 Pharma Pilani=Hyderabad

Now, if you’re coming to BITS and have considered the studies already lite, better be safe with a branch.

  • Pick the Choice 7,8,9 and place it over the Choice 2.
  • Pick Choice 10&11 and put it above Choice 3(Bio)

[ It’ll look like CS>Electronics>Economics>Mech>Manu>Bio>PCM>Civil>Chemical>Pharma]

Now, again if you don’t think you’d be able to study enough in your first year and are concerned about your financial situation, I’ll recommend you to follow CS>Electronics>Economics>Mech>Manu>Civil>Chemical>Bio>PCM>Pharma.

If you are skeptical about anything, ASK! Even if your score is 350+ make sure all your choices are in the proper order.
Go through like this.

**See the choice 1, go to the next choice, you may feel
1. Yeah, I don’t want choice 2 before choice 1 –> LIKE
2. mmmmm, not sure! —> Consult


I didn’t intend to offend any branch and have tried to keep the post to the point. Hope this helps

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