Who Are Sane Asylum (?) No, Really!

As we mentioned earlier the band was formed by two different bands and is now called ‘Who are sane asylum’.

Abhineet was representing the band and here is what he had to say:

MB: For how long have you been playing in a band?
Abhineet: It was about three years ago when I was in my 2nd semester! It was a wonderful experience.

MB: What do you have to say about the current music scene in Manipal?
Abhineet: (thoughtfully) Umm not that great! It was pretty good initially but it is all downhill now.

MB: What do you think is the reason behind it?
Abhineet: No specific reason as such! But the interest in general has decreased. And there is a lack of motivation for the bands these days in Manipal.

MB: What are your expectations from this event?
Abhineet: (instantly) a good turnout! (Laughs) But on a serious note I hope that it has an impact on the students.

MB: Any message for Manipal Students?
Abhineet: Please come out of your rooms and help Manipal in maintaining the music culture!

MB: Thanks!

Coming up next is the interview of the band ‘Experiment gone wild’.

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