Internet – Anjali Jagannath

Blessed am I to have you by my side,
You are my most bosom pal, my constant guide.
Ever ready to help me with your sage advice,
Never patronizing, though all- knowing all wise.

No more lingering doubts, no more fumble,

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With you around, there is no reason to grumble.
Just a right click and open window will suffice
To unravel the universe and everything inside.

When baby’s unwell and I don’t know what to do,
I need not panic, just keep my cool.
A host of remedies you display in a trice,
From ayurveda to grandma’s remedy, it’s left to my choice.

When guests are for dinner and I’m in a spot tight,
I can relax and smile and avoid a sorry sight.
Scores of recipes you provide to indulge the palate,
Audios, videos to support for that rich authentic taste.

Movie tickets, railway tickets, bills and dues,
You take care of it all, no hassles no queues.
Long lost friends and classmates alike,
Through Orkut, Facebook and Twitter you unite.

E-mail, chatting, video conferencing alike,
In real time it’s done, defying distance and time.
It is a one world community wherever one be placed,
No matter who you are, age, gender or race.

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