Inflation Brings Eating Sensation: ‘Biting the Bullet’ New Diet Fad

Inflation Measures

If “biting the bullet” has not proven an effective means of controlling inflation, it does have one distinct advantage: With today’s food prices, the only thing the average consumer can afford to bite is that proverbial bullet.

In a similar “fashion” most clothing buyers are finding that the only change they can afford to make in their wardrobes is to “tighten the belt”. With those who sew, recycling clothes into new garments is seeing a great revival. For those who don’t, another method of clothing conservation is being brought back into popularity — streaking. Clothes can be recycled by “turning” which means resewing the garment to place the wrong side where the right side was.
The other method consists of using the cloth from an old garment to make a new one. This way, Gajodhar Chacha‘s jogging shirt sleeve may end up as Shomu bhaiyya‘s patch pockets, Dad’s jockey may become baby’s first breeches, and Mom’s old micro-mini can be remade into little Meenal’s massive-maxi.
With the frantic flying bits of fabric, an old theory is once again proven — what goes up DOES come down. Only problem is, when the clothes are remade there might be worn spots on the old that can’t be used to make the new and a certain percentage must fall by the wayside. So the resulting garment is smaller than the first. Unfortunately, people usually grow in the opposite direction. For, from 1-16 growth is vertical, and from then on, it’s horizontal. 
Yep, even people are inflating.

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