Jailing Salman Khan is not going to change anything

I am not a Salman Khan fan. His movies (if you can call them that) are utter nonsense and in many ways promote things that are wrong with the society. I know for a fact that his charity through ‘Being Human’ is nothing more than image building and he probably earns four times the amount he donates by selling ‘Being Human’ t-shirts. But if you think that by sending him to jail we would be able to change our society or mindset, you couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Why are you so upset that a megastar has walked free even after committing a murder? Do you have a personal grudge against Salman Khan? I don’t think so. In fact, I am sure that most of us would have seen at least one of his movies post 2002. Or at least enjoyed a song of one of his movies. Why so? Why did you watch a movie with a murderer/woman beater/animal killer in it if you are such an idealist? That’s because you are a hypocrite. You are a hypocrite whose opinions and activism is controlled by the media. The same media who is being run by the very same powerful people you despise so much.

Oh you didn’t watch any of his movies, did not buy a ‘Being Human’ t-shirt from myntra, did not tweet about seeing him at the airport or in short, you totally dissociated yourself from anything that has the word Salman Khan in it. Very good! You should continue reading.

Puru Raajkumar. Don’t know who he is? He is Raaj Kumar’s son. Don’t know who Raajkumar is? Google him. He too was a superstar. Mr. Puru Raajkumar ran over 8 people while driving drunk, killing 3 people. He was ordered by the honorable, majestic and splendid court of law to pay Rs. 35000 to each victim. Where was your idealism then? Or did you not know about this? You would have known if you would have done some research on the topic of hit and run in India. So I guess your concern is not really about hit and run victims but about seeing a famous celebrity going to jail. Or maybe something even more shallow, like FB likes or retweets. There are thousands of hit and run cases everyday and I did not see any of you trying to help the victims. This is definitely about giving an opinion about a trending topic! That is the cool thing these days!

Let me make something very clear. You ranting about something on social media only gives you the illusion that your opinions mean something or they bring some substantial change in the world around us. Sending celebrities to jail is not going to stop hit and run cases. They are going to stop when YOU stop driving after having a drink. It will happen when you report it to the police even if your own friend gets into the driver seat while he is drunk. It will happen when you stop driving without helmets or seatbelts. It will happen when you stop bribing the RTO officer to get a driving license without a driving test.

Please o please don’t make this case as one of those thousands of charades that happen on social media everyday and then forget about it the next day. Stop caring so much whether or not a celebrity goes to prison. That is none of our business. Try to bring a change in yourself, which by the way, is a much harder thing and can take a lifetime to achieve.

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