Imagination Unhinged

One’s mind is the only place where one is actually free . Experiences. Feelings . Moments. They mould our thoughts and hence we sail amongst the tides of what we believe may happen . We fly, even without wings. We take flight with our imagination.Having a good imagination always helps see things differently.It has the power to create something beautiful out of what the mundane consider useless.

Imagination Can Take You Everywhere


Brilliant billion pennies thrown,

They dance on porcelain floors; And as they twinkle and turn,                                            Penny-For-Your-Thoughts

Not one complains or moans.

Silent to their insult, stoic poses,

Knowing time shall play to their advantage;

For in time of little and in dearth,

All shall know the penny’s worth.

And then its rightful place shall the penny regain,

Jingling in pockets, safe in a purse.

Road less Traveled



I chose not to rhyme, but inadvertently do,

To please no one, more than I care too.

I shall not bend to the slight of your grin,

The snigger in your voice, the demons within8a631b47357ec7d864c29710facec337

I care not what you write, I care not for opinions,

They sway in the wind of change like dandelions.

And do not perceive my heart, soft and defenseless,

I suffocate in the walls I have built, tall and endless.

Nor shall your untruths tarnish my soul,

I must stand in the integrity of my own.

If to fight for truth is to stand alone,

I shall die within myself, to the world unknown.

About the Author : Dr. Aaron Lobo is  a multi-talented and recently graduated doctor from  KMC Mangalore.

Edited by : Sreya Banerjee

Send in your contributions to [email protected]. So what are you waiting for? Set your imagination free!




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