I’m dying -.-

Okay, just kidding. I’m not dying.

But it feels like I am.

This cold is KILLING me -.-. I’m drowning in used tissues and empty Vicks bottles. I walk around the house, uncannily resembling a zombie from ‘Warm Bodies’, complete with moaning and random rabid lunges at other uninfected people around me who are enjoying their happy little lives while I have to suffer.

I am not a happy person right now.

And can you blame me?

I mean, it’s the SUMMER! Imagine having to wear a scarf in this weather!


Yeah. I’m really attractive right now, as you can see. To all you other people out there with summer colds, here’s some stuff you can do to keep yourself occupied.

1. Go on PINTEREST. It’s not just a pictureboard, there are a lot of fun and VERY interesting things to find on it. Some of my favourites are life hacks, fan art, book lists, drawing challenges and tutorials. But a word of warning, set alarms. Seriously. I can spend hours on Pinterest without realising time has passed. It is scarily addictive.


Other options are Tumblr (Which IS a picture-board), StumbleUpon, or Youtube

2.  Okay… NON-computer related stuff.



Okay just kidding (Not really. It took me a disturbingly long time to figure out what timepass stuff I can do that does not involve my laptop o.O)

I’d go with books, actually. The best time to read without distraction is when you have a cold and everyone just leaves you the heck alone. You’re actually SUPPOSED to lie in bed and do nothing. So books are the best way to fend off boredom.


Great suggestions can be found by genre on Goodreads.com. But wait… that would involve opening your laptop.

Damn o.O. I’m so dependent. We ALL are. That’s so scary.

Okay, so instead of Goodreads, let’s go by trial and error. Pick up the novel closest to you and get at it. If you’re like me and have a whole bedside stacked with your favourite books that you’ve read a gazillion times and wouldn’t mind reading again, then lucky you 🙂

Magazines are God’s gift to people suffering from colds. I am a sucker for those girly mags.

3. It’s a lot easier to find stuff to do when you have someone to spend time with. A simple conversation can cheer me up. Though it depends on whether the company you keep is willing to risk their health and sanity by spending their time with an infected rabid zombie  like me… Uh I mean, you.

*sheepish laugh*

I can’t even begin to explain how much my sister suffers.

It was literally the following situation (Disclaimer: the following artwork is NOT mine, just a VERY accurate pictorial description)


Where I’m Sherlock. And my sister is Watson. If I recall correctly, I did try to stick my foot in her face once.

So back to the topic, having someone with you is a great way to ward off boredom. Having two people automatically opens up a  whole range of activities like Board Games, Flipping through photo albums, video games, CONVERSATION, Movie watching (I don’t know if it’s just me, but I cannot sit and watch movies on my own) etc.


*thunder, lighting, wolves howling, imposing Latin opera music*


Yeah, my brain does weird stuff when I’m sick. I’m like a cranky two-year old doped up on meds.


My sister’s response usually ends up being something about how even though I was down with a cold, she was sure my legs still worked, that she wasn’t my slave etc. etc. and other stuff along those lines.

Heh heh ^^”

Anyway, Artist of the week: Mineiti. She has a really funny comic on Tapastic too 🙂

Also do send in any other articles, photographs or any other contributions to [email protected] 🙂

And again, any suggestions for comic strip topics in the comments below will be very much appreciated 😀 !

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