I’m Ashamed and You’re Not – Confessions of the MITian

Shreya Shettar | Guest Blogger

I’m ashamed, and you’re not!

Recently a confession page in our class group turned things ugly for everyone. We were expecting some fun comments to come around. But that’s not where it ended. To be fair, that’s not where it started either, because not even one of the comments had a positive side to it. Girls were body-shamed and trolled to humiliation. The guys weren’t spared either. I’m sure this happens in every section and disturbed almost everyone. A lot of people aren’t speaking about it, either out of embarrassment or pure ignorance. It was sick and has to be spoken about. First things first, it’s NOT “cool” to know a lot of swear words or ‘gaalis‘. Period. You DON’T need to include stuff about women in your swear words, “MC, BC, MF”!! to get “attention”. You need attention? Just wait until you’re exposed, you’ll get all the attention you need!

A petty joke on a girl, goes a long way, deep in her mind, it sets a sense of fear, a sense of self-doubt, a sense of incapability. We often ask people, “If this were your mother or sister or girlfriend, would you still say stuff like this? I don’t get this, someone please explain this to me, Why the hell does she have to be related to you, for you to respect her? I wonder how proud your parents would be when they read what their son has written, such high vocabulary! I’m really hoping it’s not a girl, who has written this, shocked would be an understatement.

Why is it that girls always have to be objectified, and compared to an ideal body figure? I mean I believe all of us have come from well to do families and pretty decent backgrounds, right? When rapes happen, we feel so helpless and assume that it’s probably some illiterate person, but who knew that we were amongst such educated bastards!

This is where it all starts, this is rape culture. When you justify a guy’s joke on a girl by laughing it off, you’re supporting rape culture. No matter how ‘light’ the joke was, issues like this can never be light, and jokes like this can never be justified.

I’m ashamed to be studying amongst people like this, everyone is ashamed!



This is a true incident written by Shreya and first published on her Instagram Blog. ManipalBlog.com condemns such cyberbullying under anonymous pretences and regrets the fact that we as of yet still do not have a strict social media policy in the University or recommended by the Government that can leash such incidents which are increasing in numbers and becoming less isolated each passing day.

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