Change is the only constant in Manipal…

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I still remember the day when I came to Manipal, and now it is like my second home…..

When I came here there were many things in my mind, mainly do’s and don’ts, like a small kid who just left his home. I also had many desires, to do certain things. I would like to share things which I did not aim to do in Manipal and the about the current scenario.

Do’s and Don’ts at the beginning:

1. I’ll not touch cigarette and alcohol.
2. I’ll not fall in love with any girl, even if I’m in love I’ll keep to myself.
3. I’ll not cheat in exams.
4. I’ll study regularly to avoid anxiety in exams.
5. I’ll save money to help my dad’s financial situation.
6. I’ll make many friends.
7. I’ll keep my anger and ego out of all my friendship and relation.

The Current Scenario:
1. There is Marlboro between my lips and a can of beer while I was writing this.
2. I have a girl friend.
3. I used my cell phone in exams to pass it.
4. My above statement will give u an idea about the time and regularity of my studies.
5. I owe Rs.3000 from a friend.
6. I had many friends.
7. I lost many of them because of my anger and ego.

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