How to Stretch Your Budget Further When Buying Men’s Wedding Bands

Wedding bands can be difficult to choose and are notoriously expensive. There are many instances of people overspending on their wedding bands and having to go slow with the rest of the arrangements. Some practical tips from a top jeweler that can save you a lot of money:

Use Settings Strategically to Create an Illusion of a Bigger Stone

It can often be impossible to afford a big diamond because of its prohibitive price. However, that should not be a matter of disappointment as you can create the same illusion by opting for a halo setting. It is nothing but a setting where the center stone is encircled with smaller stones that have the effect of making the center stone seem bigger. The setting can also change the look of the ring and make it vintage.

Don’t Aim for Perfection

Diamonds that are rated high on color and clarity cost far more than stones that are lower down the perfection scale. However, the real truth is that with the naked eye you really can’t make out any difference. There is absolutely no reason why you should spend far more for something that can only be perceived by a jeweler. You should instead choose a diamond that’s “eye-clean”, which means that it is a diamond with some amount of color, however, the color is not perceptible to the naked eye, and hence will appear perfect. Take a look at some very economical options at

Cut Down on the Carats

The size of the diamond has a very important bearing on the cost of the engagement ring. If you manage to control your emotions and buy shy, you can save yourself a lot of money without having to compromise on the appearance. This is possible since the cost of diamonds jumps disproportionately with the increase in the half-carat and the carat marks. A 2-carat diamond will be far more expensive than a stone that’s marginally smaller at 1.8 carats. Even though the size difference is hardly noticeable to the naked eye, the difference in the price can be as much as 20%.

Choose a Minimal Prong Setting

Opting for a setting that uses minimal prongs has two advantages; firstly, the use of less precious metal means that the cost is less and secondly, the diamond gets highlighted more as more of it is visible. Additionally, cleaning the band becomes far easier, which can be a great boon as regular visits to the jeweler for maintenance can be tiresome. However, make sure that you use platinum as the prong material even if the ring is made out of a different metal like gold as it is far stronger.


It is not necessary that all your cost-reduction efforts be targeted at the diamond. You can shave off the cost substantially by opting for white gold instead of platinum or gold, the more conventional choices. Choosing an emerald cut that results in the stone looking larger and buying engagement rings for both of as a set can also result in significant cost-savings. 

Author Bio: Andrew Thompson writes on fashion and jewelry for a leading lifestyle magazine. He has written extensively on the emergence of online jewelry stores like that are capturing a lot of market share that once belonged solely to high street retail outlets.

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