How to Locate and Use a Bitcoin Shop in Istanbul

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With technological advancement today, you can invest in Bitcoin conveniently in Turkey. Istanbul, to be precise, is a perfect Bitcoin hub where you can find many shops to buy and sell crypto securely and affordably. Physical crypto shops such as Bitcoin offices, Bitcoin kiosks, and BTC ATMs are your best options in this case.

So, how can you locate and use a Bitcoin shop in Istanbul? This article will help to understand this process. Read on to discover more.

Evaluate Your Options

As mentioned, there are three main options if you are looking for a Bitcoin shop in Istanbul. The first option is to select a crypto office that has a welcoming and helpful environment, suitable for traders with larger investments.

Another option is the Bitcoin kiosk, which you can find in different busy places in Istanbul. They offer an opportunity to quickly buy and sell Bitcoin in the country. They also have an assistant to help you perform transactions.

Lastly, consider a Bitcoin ATM, which provides fast self-service to people who want to cash out Bitcoin or buy some.

Conduct an Online Search for a Bitcoin Shop in Istanbul

One of the easiest ways to find a Bitcoin shop Istanbul is to do an online search. Now that you know the option you want, the web will assist you in locating the nearest outlet. The good thing is that you can do this on your phone or computer.

A maps app can also help because many of them display information about businesses. Lastly, consider checking social media to locate a Bitcoin shop in Istanbul that is near you.

How to Use a Bitcoin Shop in Istanbul

  • Visit the shop – The first step is to visit a Bitcoin shop in Istanbul that you’ve decided to use. Most of them have a parking lot, or you can just get dropped off by a cab to maneuver easily. However, others are in busy places such as shopping malls that you can visit when you do other things like shopping.
  • Register to verify your personal details – Some crypto shops ask clients to register or at least provide registration documents for safety and security reasons. It is good to provide the information they ask for to facilitate a smooth transaction.
  • Check exchange rates and commissions – Before starting any transaction in a Bitcoin shop in Istanbul, check the exchange rates, commissions, and other charges. An agent often helps you understand each step before buying or selling your BTC.
  • Transact – The most important part is to transact. An agent will help you when using a physical shop, or you can easily follow various steps for using a BTC ATM. It is important to be accurate, especially when giving your Bitcoin wallet details, to avoid any costly mistakes.
  • Walk out – When the transaction is done, you can go on your way. Before saying goodbye, ensure there is no pending transaction. Therefore, you must have a way of verifying that your Bitcoin has hit your wallet after buying. If selling, then you should walk out with cash in hand or in your bank account.


Istanbul is a big city in Turkey with a high crypto adoption rate. There are many Bitcoin shops in Istanbul, and locating one is easy as mentioned in this article. Take this information as a guide to help you whether you are new in the crypto world or at an advanced level. All the best.

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