How to Identify the Best Crypto Coins to Invest In

best crypto coins
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Cryptocurrencies are the next big thing in investment circles. For those looking to really boost the performance of their portfolios, a look into the world of crypto investing and the plethora of coins that are out there is a must. Identifying great cryptocurrencies for investment is just like stock picking, in a sense. Crypto assets appreciate and trade just like stocks do, yet they can be leveraged for so much more than your holdings in the stock exchange.

Cryptocurrencies are monetary assets as well as investment-grade holdings—in fact, thinking of them in the same realm as gold coins might be helpful in this instance. Gold is another exciting space for investors to bulk up a portfolio, but while they offer a tangible fiscal asset that can be used for purchasing, you’re unlikely to ever mobilize the commodity in this way. Cryptocurrencies are different and can functionally provide purchasing power for the smart investor.

In order to identify the top crypto currencies for your portfolio, it’s helpful to begin by thinking about what you are looking to gain from the asset class.

Accumulation and Day Traders

crypto coins

In the current market, the primary use case for cryptocurrencies is in their trade—like stock market assets. Crypto tokens are leveraged for bulk value accumulation or traded on the swing in order to scrape profits off of each executed action. Both strategies provide investors with a great boost to their bottom line, and investing in this way often comes down to the technical analysis and key indicators.

Traders will want to find a robust cryptocurrency exchange in order to gain maximum profitability while investing for value. The Coinbase Vs Gemini debate is a great place to start when thinking about the built-in analysis features that traders can leverage while navigating their portfolio. Some traders in the United States or beyond will want fast access to cash withdrawals, the ability to purchase Ethereum, Litecoin or BTC with a debit or credit card, or premier access to market reports and coin outlook data.

Some level of these user features are provided for within all native cryptocurrency exchange platforms (from Coinbase and Coinbase Pro to Gemini, Kraken, Binance, and more).

Understanding your own needs and matching them up to the best exchange for your personal risk tolerance and feature requirements is always the first step in this arena.

Consumer Holders

crypto currency bitcoinsAnother way to look at cryptocurrencies is through the lens of the consumer. Because a narrow band of intense volatility persists over the crypto market, many coins go through cycles of explosive growth and cooling off. This means that your purchasing power could suddenly double or triple if a coin you hold starts on a price surge.

Holding multiple, widely accepted assets like Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, or Litecoin can help you lock in excellent purchasing power as a consumer, whether you’re looking for stretch pants for women or groceries at your local supermarket.

With a variety of viable financial assets available to you, all it takes is a constant eye on the market to decide on which token provides the best currency option during any given purchasing event. A range of holdings can provide multiple surges in value throughout the month, week, or even the day.

A heads-up investor knows that value isn’t just in long holding strategies: By lessening the daily strain on your wallet and cash flow, you can build greater financial stability from now into the future. Cryptocurrencies can help generate that structure if you spend the time researching prospective coins and the zeitgeist that surrounds them.

Crypto trading is a lucrative space for investors and short-term purchasers alike. Get in on the action now to secure your financial future.


  1. Have you ever traded in cryptocurrencies? What was your experience like?Do you think cryptocurrency will become more popular in the future?

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