How to Hire a Brand Ambassador

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The purpose of every for-profit organization is to make sales, and marketing is the tool used to achieve this purpose. Even for-non-profit organizations must adopt and apply marketing techniques and strategies to further their cause.

One of those strategies that have become quite effective is experiential marketing. One reason why this market strategy is trending and gaining popularity is because of the wide usage and popularity of the internet and social media these days.

While experiential marketing is very effective, its effectiveness is limited to the personnel who are at the core of the entire strategy. These individuals are responsible for speaking to the audience and guests at the event; making the experience more remarkable and memorable.

These individuals are known as brand ambassadors. And since they have an important role to play, as a company executive, you must know how to hire these persons to ensure the effectiveness of your campaign. Hence, in this article, we will give you practical tips that will aid you in hiring a brand ambassador.

The Role Evolution of a Brand Ambassador

A few years ago; say 15 years ago, when you applied for a brand ambassador job, the role was very simple and straightforward. You would be expected to hand out flyers or product samples to folks while maintaining a radiant smile.

Nowadays, the role of an ambassador is much more. It is more engaging and interactive. You must know how to hold a conversation in a meaningful manner that creates brand trust in the hearts of your audience; might be an individual or a group.

Hence, a brand representative is expected to be good with a crowd and still capable of relating to people on an individual basis.

Apart from the above, the role involves creating brand awareness and promotion on social media. You might even be required to create or assist in creating content for the product or service.

Therefore, as an executive, it becomes crucial to your campaign that you hire a brand ambassador that is just right. Failure to do so might affect the success of your campaign.

With this understanding, let’s look at the practical tips we promised to give you that will ensure you hire the right ambassadors…

Hiring a Brand Ambassador – 7 Practical Tips

1. Hire through a Staffing Agency

Making use of a staffing agency; one that is experienced and reliable can save you a lot of trouble and stress. Because that is their industry, and it is easier for them to get personnel that match your brand personality and style.

Besides, due to their efficient recruitment system, it is easier for them to find new individuals in case they don’t have one that matches what you have in mind.

Furthermore, you can hold them accountable depending on the agreement if anything doesn’t go according to plans. An individual is more difficult to place liability on. However, if the individual was gotten through a registered agency, then they can be held liable for any issue.hiring a band ambassador

2. Hire on Time

The closer it gets to your event, the more desperate you get to secure the services of staff. Hence, instead of waiting, get the hiring process initiated from the get-go. This way, before it gets close to the event date, you ought to have gotten your ambassador.

Starting the hiring process will also help you to get the individual well prepared. This is important as they will have to interact with potential customers.

3. Fair Pay

Don’t be strict with the staff budget because you will get the value of your payment. Even if you choose a staffing agency, make sure you pay fairly. Make research to determine the proper amount to pay the ambassador. You can use this tool to calculate and get an estimate of how much you can pay.

4. Attitude and Personality is Important

You need to meet the potential ambassador in person to determine if their attitude and personality match your brand. Hiring via online platforms might not give you all the information about the individual applying for the job.

5. Consider Experience but don’t Neglect Potential

These days everyone is looking for those with experience which is good, but how will the newbies get experience if they aren’t given any chance. So, while you look for experience, look for potential as well. If they have been involved in any job that required interacting with customers, it stands to reason that they will also be good as ambassadors.

6. Choose Individuals that Personify your Brand

This is very important when hiring. For example, a fitness company must hire an ambassador that is fit and healthy. Hiring someone who doesn’t embody the service/product will send a negative message.

7. Look for those with Genuine Interest

If a person isn’t interested or enthusiastic about the service or product of the company, they won’t represent the brand effectively. So, if you notice they aren’t interested, then don’t hire them.


We believe that after reading this article, you now know how to hire a brand ambassador for your next experiential marketing campaign. So, what are you waiting for, go and try out these tips…

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