How To Fade Your Beard Into Your Hair: The Ultimate Trick! [PHOTOS]

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The ability to fade your beard into the hair can help you hide the ugly gaps, rough cuts and the undesirable beard patches on your face!

But such an ultimate trick surely doesn’t come that easy! You’d have to learn it by doing it. And, by doing it means bearing all the mistakes and frustrations it brings on.

Fading the beard into the hair is a masterful craft!

It entails delicate attention to the side trims, sideburns, and even mustache positions on the face.

But, what really is ‘fading the beard’?

Fading the beard means setting it into or making it part of the hair by eliminating its rough edges [read “How To: Fade Into Your Hair” through this link:].

It proves to be the most effective alternative for shaving. Nevertheless, it neatly transitions beard edges into the top hair line.

To realize such a crafty endeavor, you’ll have to learn the ultimate trick to fade your beard into your hair!

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Beard Hair Cut

The Ultimate Trick: Step-by-Step Methods on How to Easily Fade Your Beard into Your Hair

Fading the beard. Hmmm…

The sound may already seem like a magic trick, except that it’s no magic, but simply a trick.

Fortunately, since it’s a trick, anybody can learn it.

You’re good to go if you have a good eye for detail, a firm grip, and a lineup of a few precise cutting tools.

But, even before getting all these, you’d have to be familiar with every inch of your hairstyle.

Fading the beard is a tough choice, mind you!

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It’s not just any hair-cutting move wherein you can undo shapes. Such a trick requires you to pre-plan your overall hairstyle. It’s more like setting a mental picture of how you want your beard and head hair to end.

“Is this what I truly want?”

“Do my beard and hair compliment?”

“How long do I want the faded effect to last?”

(Not all can do it! Especially if you require a beard transplant at

These contemplative questions should get you started.

While you’re at it, here’s the ultimate trick: how to easily fade your beard into your hair…. 

Preparation Phase: Trimming

To have better control over the fading outputs, clean and trim your facial hairs first following these detailed steps.

  1. Get your beard and mustache to their maximum length and bulk.Shaping Your Beard

Firstly, allow your beard and mustache to reach the desired length and maximum bulk; these are the most popular beard oils to help you get maximum bulk. This process gives allowance to your trimming template. This proves most handy when you’re still undecided on the suitable template. When you’ve finally decided, start trimming your beard and mustache opposite its grain to rid it of unnecessary hair. Lastly, mark the template so you can proceed.

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  1. Define your beard edgesBeard Edges

See that edge along the jawline? Cool. Now, the area just under that is the neckline. If you want a solid fading look, you are to precisely define the beard edges. By doing so, you’d have to highlight your neckline. Now, decide where the edge is. Once you’ve decided, begin brushing and trimming the line just below the beard edge. Use your finger as a ruler. A stray hair and patch-free area under the beard should reveal a defined neckline. Good luck and be careful.

  1. Contour a cheek lineContour Cheekline

After giving the beard edges and neckline a final touch, trim (using beard scissor) the imaginary line connecting the under-tip of your sideburns to the side-tip of your mustache- the cheekline. Now, it is very important to be more precise at this point so as not to stray-cut the top edge of the cheekline. Remember that you are shaping a solid, contoured line here. So, be very conscious of it.

  1. Shape up the moustache with precision

Once done with the cheekline, repeat processes 2 and 4 on the mustache. This time, focus more on the top line of the mustache. After trimming, shape the mustache through a straight pattern downwards using a comb.Shaping Your Moustache

[Learn more about how to fading the beard by checking out this link:]

The Main Phase: Fading

With your facial hairs all spick and span, you can finally set them up for the beard fade.

  1. Set your trimming blade to an inch shorter.
  2. Look for the longest and thickest beard mass in areas near the jawline.
  3. As you to the shorter portion of the sideburns, inch up the trimmer. Begin trimming the sideburns upwards.
  4. Inch down the trimmer again. Progress by moving up from where you ended. Mark this line.
  5. As you continue to move up, continue inching down the trimmers.
  6. Repeat the same actions until you reach the top of the sideburns. When you reach the top line, clear any hair stragglers for optimum clearance using a scissor.
  7. Once done, proceed with the same process until you reach the hair. Use a scissor to help you smooth out transitions.
  8. Remember to always mark edges and lines to avoid stray-cuts. Beard Trimming


Precision. Accuracy. Careful attention to details. These are the ultimate key in mastering the ultimate trick.

And, the ultimate trick, after all, is a product of science, logic, and intuition. Certainly too, one can only best fade the beard with creativity. It’s an artwork, by all sense. Artsy craftwork in hairstyle, to be accurate.

Ultimately, fading the beard proves to be one of the most solid alternatives for shaving. The methods on how to fade your beard into your hair will surely have your handsome streaks in check.

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