How to cope with failure

The frequent cause of failure whether at the interview, examination or anywhere is the FEAR OF FAILURE. Fear is a factor which gives rise to failure for the simple reason that it demolishes our confidence and is an expression of our sense of low-worth. And the funny thing about it is that such failures often feel that their apprehension about failure was not unfounded.

Therefore, banish the fear which often leads to failure. Resolve to be strong that nothing can disturb your peace of mind. Having done that take of the following:

  1. Failure is an inescapable part of life. There is none who does not fail at sometimes in life. It is the one who fails and tries again with undiminished zeal finally succeeds.
  2. The only and the greatest failure in life is when we stop trying. People who succeed after failures learn from failures to succeed. They did not give up and persisted.

In any test, interview, group discussion, presentation make sure that: –

  1. You are well prepared. You must have good hold on what you are being tested for.
  2. You display good manners and exhibit due courtesy. A well mannered person with courteous behavior is at once liked.
  3. Be articulate. Speak neither in low tone nor loud one.
  4. Bear a composed countenance and carry a cheerful look. No make up is more impressive than an honest smile.
  5. Listen carefully and attentively. This will be a priceless compliment you will pay even before you speak.
  6. Speak in answer to what you are being asked to speak about. Be precise but not curt. Do not waver. Do not elaborate your answer unless asked for or unless the same has been sought in the question itself.
  7. Having done that leave matters to destiny.


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