How to Boost Metabolism

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Hello, dear readers! Every woman wants to be beautiful and slim. But most of them do not suspect that metabolic activity has an extremely important role in losing some pounds and keeping that body strong and beach-perfect. Often the problem of excessive weight is caused by the slowed down metabolism. So let’s look at the rules and ways how to make the metabolism work quicker for getting lean at home, without crazy effort.

  1. Eat your meals in small portions.

A compelling period of time between meals (that is more than three hours) is perceived by your body as a forced hunger strike, and it turns into a “saving mode”, slowing the rate of metabolism going to keep acquired energy and prevent hunger. You should eat food every 2-3 hours and in small portions to constantly keep the metabolism “in tonus.”

  1. In order to process food faster, don’t starve yourself.

Consuming foodstuff, with total number of calories less than a thousand kilocalories per day, will signal the body what you are in the ‘starving mode’, and it will again store the energy by reducing the metabolic rate. According to studies, the intensity of the basic metabolism during the hunger strike is on average reduced by 25-30%. What about side effects of such a radical restriction in nutrition? Dizziness, general weakness, and hungry faints are just half of the problem! Intensive physical training during this period is practically forbidden.

  1. Never skip breakfasts!

At night, all the systems of the human body continue to work, but as there is no food at that time, the metabolism slows down. And if after a long night the cells do not get the essential count of nutrients in the form of a full breakfast, the metabolic rate in the daytime will remain approximately at the same level as at night. A full and nutritious breakfast will not only make your metabolism work quicker but will also charge you with energy for the whole day.

  1. Refuse from diets.

For a normal life, a person needs a certain amount of nutrients. And during diets, especially mono-diets or diets, that exclude certain groups of foods, the body does not get the right amount of substances, and therefore, it receives less energy. Therefore, it adjusts to its stock, reduces the metabolic rate and accumulates fat. Instead, you may want to change for some healthier substitution like diet supplements. Check it out! Forget about diets! Change your eating habits!

  1. To boost processing food, you have to alternate calorie.

Our body is designed in such a way that it is able to adapt to any changes. That is, if for a long time you will stick to the same daily content (in particular, reduced), in pursuit of losing weight, your metabolic rate will decrease as well. Therefore, sometimes (about weekly) it is worth giving your body some rest, eating more calorie foods or meals to exceed your normal calorie level.


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