How do you know when someone is your Mr\Mrs Right? – Abiram Shanbhog

Its an interesting question… but the bigger question is… Have we ever defined “Mr\Mrs Right” for ourselves. I agree we might have had a vague sketch of how the Mr\Mrs Right would be, but never do we have a clear-cut idea of he\she in definite. So, it never surprises me when a couple, who at the start of their relationship ranted that, they are made for each other and all breakup after a while saying he\she isn’t my type.

This brings us to the theme of this essay, How do you know when someone is your Mr\Mrs Right????

My answer is.. U never ever can instantly decide on this. Its a process where you based on you “vague sketch” start liking someone and then start appreciating the good qualities in that person rather than whining about his\her bad habits. If that person likes\loves you as much as you do, they will definitely try to correct their bad habits and put in effort to become your “Mr\Mrs Right“. There is never a Mr.Mrs Right for anyone, but one can become Mr\Mrs Right for each other only if true love and passion exists between them. As once an old couple said ” There is never a perfect relationship, You need to work on it everyday of your life to make it ONE”.

About the Author: Abhiram Shanbhog is a 2nd year MSc.Tech (Embedded systems) student at Manipal Centre for Information Science (MCIS). This article is part of the Arranged Love – ManipalBlog writing contest.

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