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Faizan Patel Captures the Colours of A Traditional Wedding Mehndi

This article is in response to the most FAQ that I get from friends and fellow aspiring photographers: How do I earn via photography along with studies?

Wedding Photography
Faizan Patel Captures the Colours of A Traditional Wedding Mehndi

Well not sure if I am qualified enough to answer that question but I do have enough experience and ideas to share with you all about earning through photography while still being a student. Photography does offer Freelance option and with the help of internet, it’s even easier to learn and find jobs in the field of photography.

First and foremost, be clear of what you want to do in future, whether you want to take up photography as a full time profession or just as a hobby. Photography has various genres and each demands a different lens/equipment. Once you are convinced go about it and pursue your goals.

Networking is very essential for a photographer. Create a Facebook page, a Flickr or Tumblr account and keep posting your pictures on a regular basis, and exhibit your work to the world.

Here are few tips on how to earn via photography while being in college:

  1. Your dad is your ATM!  Convince him and get the desired funds/loan to buy all the basic equipment that you would need to call yourself a photographer.
  2. Cover all the events/parties that happen to get extra few thousand bucks.
  3. Intern in places which will help you in your photography. Magazines, Newspaper and online blogs are always on the hunt of Freelance photographers and they usually pay on project basis.
  4. Take part in photography competitions. Buy all photography related magazines, post your works on their social pages, and send your photos of photo exhibitions.
  5. Assist an established photographer during your vacations or weekends and earn that extra stipend or salary.
  6. Sell your photos to local newspapers for their publishing work.
  7. Do portfolio shoots of your friends for a nominal photography fee.

I guess this pretty much should be good enough to help you earn through photography. Save up whatever bit you earn and invest it in equipment that will help you in your field of photography.

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