How Can PDF Files Rank Top On SERPs

Portable document format document does get crawled, indexed, and then ranked in the search engine result pages, but when it comes to SEO, they are often forgotten. You can get your PDF to rank high for your keywords by following the given steps.

Since 2001, PDF documents are getting indexed, and they have a superset tag in the search engine result pages. Before jumping to the way to optimize them, if you use PDF you will be much aware of the fact that they are hard to edit. There is no need to worry as for that you simply can use tools provided by SODAPDF and improve your pdf score. Moving back to the topic, optimizing PDF is similar to optimizing websites with a few differences.

How Can You Optimize Your PDF

By the following steps, you can optimize your PDFs to get them a top rank on search engines:

  • Select a descriptive name of a file

The name of your file must be illustrative of the topic which is discussed inside your PDF. This is one of the first things which Google crawlers will crawl, hence inserting a relevant title will enable them to understand what the document contains.

Before choosing the file name, you must perform competitor research to recognize the terms people are searching for. You can consider search volume.

Furthermore, using hyphens to distinguish words in the file name is also a good practice as it helps you to not get 20% in between the words when visitors would download your file.

  • Obtain linking

There are two kinds of links here, first is the links from your page to the PDF document will inform search engine like Google that the material is a part of the content and must be crawled.

The second is the one from the copy of PDF to the pages on your site. It in return will give you double benefit as it will not only show Google the way PDF fits into content, but an inbound link to the PDF would provide authority to the pages of your site from deep links. If a person will find your PDF helpful and will want to share it on their page, visitors will be directed to your website for further information.

The thing you must keep in mind is to protect the file so no person can edit your links and replace them.

  • Optimize the title of your PDF

The title of your PDF document is equal to a title tag of HTML. Therefore, it will display in the search engine result pages. You must insert a strong title less than 60 characters, so it does not get cut. The most important keyword for your page must be written at the start of the title. You can edit the name from the document setting by going in Adobe Acrobat and then the information in the Microsoft Word. As PDFs are most of the time usually more particular in the topic, so they have more chances to get ranked for longtail queries.

  • Optimize the description of the document

Similar to the meta description, the description of PDF is shown right below the title in the search engine result pages. You must include the main keywords with a length of 300 or fewer characters. Along with it, make it sound useful and inviting so that it can encourage more users to click on it.

  • Make text-based copy

One of the significances to do this step is to make a text-based PDF instead of an image based one. You must do it because pictures can’t be crawled. If your file comprises of the image which has words in it, then use the alt text to tell what the image is related to.

  • Optimize them for smartphones

The fact that Google prefers content which is mobile optimized is not hidden anymore. PDF might contain a huge word count and is different to digest on small screens like mobiles. But, for that too, there are several things you can follow to enhance the experience of your visitors. For instance, you can use bullet points, bold the titles, and text to the left side.

  • Compress your pictures

The loading speed of the webpage is another ranking factor of Google. PDFs can include many graphs and images in them so you must compress all of them before adding them into your files as it will allow you to improve the loading speed of your page.

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