Hiring a DJ for a party – Here’s what to look out for!

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The American Disc Jockey Association says that an estimated 60,000 DJs are employed in the United States alone.  DJs typically deliver their services in private homes, catering halls, schools, and in outdoor settings. According to The Los Angeles Times, DJs work 3 days per week for 8 to 12 hours a day on average. April through September is an active period because the majority of weddings take place during this time.

Today the Internet allows us to pay and download music very easily. Many of us choose to burn CDs with our favorite tunes instead of hiring a DJ to perform at private events DJ Arlington VA. But, most of us do realise after a while that, playing a CD is not the same as hiring a live DJ. Hiring a DJ creates a more festive environment at parties. The DJ can interact with people and create positive energy. At the same time you are free to enjoy the party rather than worry about what music might play and if you’ve selected the best songs for the setting.

Hiring a DJ for your event, whether it be a wedding or private event or even a company party is an enormous responsibility. You need to choose the DJ carefully so that the event is a grand success. Often times we tend to leave hiring a DJ to the end and by that time all the well respected DJ’s are gone and you may be left with ones that are not at the same level as you expect.

People tend to remember the beginning and the end of an event. That’s why your DJ should do a strong and grand introduction. Well begun as they say is half done. A well reputed DJ can bring lots of positive energy to the party and create a sense of rapport early on. The crowd builds on the positive energy flowing from the DJ and each other!

Whenever there is an event involving older members, try to place them as far away from the speakers as possible. Having them close to the boom boxes may stop the DJ from belting out hits and loud numbers that are the actual party pleasers.

Do not have a separate room for the DJ to play the music at. The music and the entertainment must be the center piece. This helps create a positive flow of energy from the DJ to the crowd. Powerful entertainers will work to get people on the dance floor but they must be in the action! If the dance floor is too far away from the action, it becomes more difficult to get people to actually move to the dance floor, and very hard for your DJ to interact with the guests!

Have a dance floor that is not too big. The bigger the dance floor, the emptier it will appear and the less likely that the DJ will enjoy performing to an empty hall. People are more likely to dance when the crowd on the floor is dense than when they feel like there only ones out there.

Choose DJ Melbourne to control the flow of energy at the party. Do not interfere with the choice of songs, except to ask for a special song you want to dedicate to at the event.

Bars should ALWAYS be in the main room, preferably closer to the dance floor. Bars are like kitchens—they draw people to them. If you can help it, don’t make your DJ wrestle with the draw of a bar.

Do remember that your DJ is probably working on an empty stomach from about 3-4 hours before the event occurs. Try to keep food and plates nearby for the DJ to have a quick snack in between songs.

Your DJ is not getting paid the amount you are paying for a DJ service. There are several people that are being paid out of that total amount who are responsible for putting the party together for you! If your DJ does an excellent job, a 10-20% tip is customary and appreciated, however never required!

You’ve got a lot of people from all over your family tree that want to have a good time, so trust your DJ to read your crowd and exercise all of his/her tools and really work his/her craft!

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