Happiness – Lessons from Rural India


Smile. The pure curve on the lips. It costs nothing, yet is a rare commodity these days. Well, it still exists in Rural India.

People of Rural India have learnt to be happy despite all odds. They might be poor, but they do have a big heart. They can’t afford all the luxuries of the world but they never regret not having them.

This picture alluringly captures the enticing smiles and the divine happiness on the faces of the children of Rural India. While people in other parts crave for happiness, these children show that to be happy we don’t need material wishes to be fulfilled. We should curb our desires and be satisfied with whatever we have. That is the only way to be happy. We should not spoil our happiness in the pursuit of material things.

Rural India gives us an important lesson of our lives in the form of being happy despite having so many constraints in their lives.

Do what makes you happy,
be with those who make you smile,,
Laugh as much as you breathe,,,


About the author: Tavish is a student at Manipal Institute of Technology, Manipal.

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