Hair Treatment to get long and Shiny Hair

Hair loss, frizziness and dryness, are some of the major problems that present generation is facing. Busy lifestyle and the harmful pollutants are main causes of it, which are deteriorating the hair quality and leading to massive hair loss. To prevent this hair loss, people splurge money on expensive hair care products, but in return don’t get satisfactory outcomes. However, the regular use of hair care products degrades hair quality instead of rejuvenating them. Actually, the hair care products consist of chemicals, which don’t provide proper nourishment to the hair. Therefore, the use of such chemical-based products should be stopped and natural hair treatment should be adopted.  The natural hair treatments are effective and don’t have any side effects.  If you want to discern about hair treatment, then here is the list of Hair treatment options for you.  (You can read about hair treatment in Hindi here.)Shiny natural hair

  1. Use Avocado For Shiny Hair

Use a ripe Avocado fruit and mash it with an egg.  Apply the mixture to wet hair. Keep it for 20 minutes and then, rinse off the mixture from hair. Repeat this practice once a week for damaged hair and once in a month for healthy hair. Only a few people are aware of the fact that Avocado is an essential source of vitamins, minerals and fatty acids. These nutrients are important for healthy hair and can also restore shine to the hair.

  1. Try Vinegar Treatment and Get Rid of Dull and Dry Hair

Create your own hair conditioner by using 1 teaspoon of vinegar, 2 tablespoons of olive oil and 3 egg whites. Blend these ingredients and then, apply the mixture to your hair. Keep it covered for 20 minutes with a shower and then, shampoo your hair and properly rinse off the mixture with water.

  1. Use Essential Oil for Hair Care Natural black hair

Prepare a hair care oil by adding few drops of sandalwood oil and olive or jojoba oil. Rub this mixture on your palms and then apply on entire hair, from roots to the end. The oil will enhance the luster of hair and also, smooth dry and hard hair. This hair treatment in Hindi is very effective and should be practiced one a week.

  1. Use Healthy Supplement to Prevent Hair Dryness

Use Omega-3 fatty acids to keep hair moisturized and healthy. Prepare a concoction by adding two to three 250 mg capsules of primrose oil, borage oil and flaxseed oil. Use this concoction three times a day. This is an easy and yet, effective hair treatment. Practice it regularly for healthy hair. (Read this tip for hair treatment in hindi)

  1. Avoid Using Hair SprayHairspray

Excessive use of hairspray can easily damage hair and leads to hair flatness. Therefore, sparsely use hair sprays for hair styling, instead use a styling spray, which consists of vitamin B panthenol. The vitamin B will condition your hair and protect it from damage.

The above-mentioned hair treatments are very effective. If you want to know more hair treatments in Hindi then visit Desi Nushke.  The web portal provides varied kinds of natural remedies for healthy skin, hair and body.

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