Guide to a Good Day

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Guide to a Good Day:

Step 1: Walk to your closest grocery store.

Step 2: Ask for a biscuit.

Step 3: Make sure it is a Good Day, the chocolate chip one, yum.

Step 4: Eat it.


I really wish it was that simple. But it is not. Well, it actually is. Having a good day is actually what you wake up hoping for. A good day doesn’t necessarily mean getting that bonus, acing the test, getting your crush to like you back, or eating that cheesy pizza. A good day, I guess, is a normal day. A normal day but you feel happy going to sleep. Or more rightly put, content.

Now if you’re expecting to just have a galaxy of good days coming to you after reading this article, don’t. Many external factors influence your mood and your energy which then influence your day. However, there are still a few things you can do to make sure you have a nice day. These things are under your control.

Good Day Step 1: Good Morning

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A healthy morning routine often sets your tone for the entire day. It is necessary to practice a lifestyle with healthy mornings to ensure you feel fresh and ready to tackle what the rest of the day brings. What you generally can do to elevate your mornings, and mind you, I might say what your mother might say but it’s the truth- wake up early. C’mon, how do you expect to have an awesome morning routine if you barely even have any time in the morning?

After you’re up all early, dancing with the sunshine (I am trying to make it sound all nice), you can properly wake up-wake up with your cup of coffee, green tea, smoothie, or chai. Taking the time to exercise or go on a walk early in the morning also helps you get in the zone to face the day.

Basically, wake up early and do what helps you feel energetic and fresh in the morning. Go ahead, sing in the shower, add extra syrup to your pancake, and iron out the wrinkles on your shirt. Own your morning.

Good Day Step 2: Plan Like a Pro

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I know they say that things always don’t go the way you plan them, but it isn’t true for everything. When I say plan your day, I don’t mean plan out every detail, every second of your day. No, ma’am. Planning your day involves setting out the goals for the day. A to-do list for your day where the top priority things come on the top. A balanced to-do list can look like this,

  1. Working on a very very very important project.
  2. Finishing research for a less important project.
  3. Finish the piano lesson.
  4. Have lunch with a friend.
  5. Call parents.
  6. Buy grocery.
  7. Finish the movie.

The list could be different for each day. This just helps you keep a track of things you need to finish without neglecting anything else. And we all know how amazing it feels to know you are going to bed with all the pending tasks done and dusted.

Good Day Step 3: Eat

Eat well. I know this sounds so very obvious but funnily enough, we don’t really eat. Eat well. Having a healthy and balanced diet will not just provide one the energy to slayyy, but eating well can also enhance your mood. It will leave you feeling full and happy.

Think about it, you feel so good after eating that bite of a momo, that yummy nacho dip, that last bite of a burger, slurp-slurp of a smoothie. However, you cannot always rely on burgers and nachos to help you feel nice. Eating healthily with a balance is key.

Of course, if you’re the type of person who enjoys their own company, good for you. But if you like a bit of chit-chat over your meal, it is always fun to grab a meal with your family or friends. Good food, good company, good day.

Good Day Step 5: Me Time

You need to learn to enjoy your own company. It is always nice to have some time allotted to yourself, and just yourself. Each day, even just for a few minutes, spend time with yourself. You can use this time to do the things that you enjoy and love doing.

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You can always trust music to have your back. What say, you unwind from the day’s stress with your fun playlist and have your own dance party. Or, maybe, you love tossing ingredients in a pan and cook? Finding yourself a couch to visit that one fictional character in that rom-com book is lovely as well. Or maybe, you prefer visiting those characters via Netflix, no worries, go on. Some of us also enjoy spending time treating our skin; skincare routines and long baths are just so calming.

My point is, do what you like doing. It is your time, after all. Having some time to yourself can help you connect with and get to know yourself better.

Good Day Step 6: People Time

Making time for people in your day-to-day life is just as necessary to maintaining a healthy relationship with the ones you love. It is normal to find yourself lost in the daily pile of work, but that shouldn’t let you neglect the people you care about.

Video calls, random snaps of your life, phone calls, and text messages are good ways to keep in touch with them. Some days, you could also grab lunch together, go see that movie, venture about the museum, or even just have a sleepover.

Doing this will improve your relationships with people and give you a sense of belonging. Plus, we always find ourselves smiling on the way back home from our friend’s place.

Good Day Step 7: Sleeeeeep

Yes, funnily enough, you need to sleep well at night to have a good day. Having a lack of sleep results in tiredness and lethargy the following day. And you don’t want to feel this way if you want to have a good day. While we’re at it, unless it is really necessary, try not to stay up too late at night. And if you like, journaling before going to bed also is a nice way to top off your day. Your good day.


Well, that’s about it. I hope you have a good day, dear reader.

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