Greenwings: an MIT Manipal Alumni Initiative – Give to your Tomorrow, Plant a Tree Today

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Do you know someone extraordinary whom you would like to honor? Are you planning a special event which you would like to memorialize?

Greenwings program is designed to make a lasting living gift to your community. With your donation, trees are planted in recognition of people or for special occasions or as thank you’s. The trees grow to represent a symbol of personal achievement , special occasions and family bonds!

GreenWings, was founded by a group of enthusiasts who believe that the time is now! That humanity has to take a stand to replenish the depleting green cover across the country and then across earth, before it is too late to reverse the damage. With a team from different walks of life, including Engineers who graduated from the prestigious Manipal Institute of Technology, Manipal, entrepreneurs, photographers , artists and school students; GreenWings surely deserves more than a generous share of support!

Greenwings Environment

GreenWings is a non-government and non-profit organization and not only do they plant a tree, but they also provide for sustaining the tree for a year, that is, till it is self-sustaining. GreenWings focuses all its efforts at making sure that each sapling becomes a full grown tree.

GreenWings has acquired a piece of land in Shakrulapur, a village in the Kharar district of Punjab. Contributions received from individuals/organizations are used to grow saplings, store them at this village and roll them out towards cities like Chandigarh. At present, GreenWings has planted over 600 trees since their launch in late February 2013. With an Idea to expand their activity to other cities as well, GreenWings is actively looking for people to help them out!

How to Contribute

The suggested minimum donation is Rs. 100/-. For this amount, GreenWings buys the seedlings, fertilizers, hires a gardener and arranges for the transport of the seedling/plant to its final planting site and taking care of it till 1 year. To become a patron visit the link and go green!

To commemorate the contribution, GreenWings provides a certificate to the donor or any other person you want to give the certificate to. A badge (number depends on trees planted) and GreenWings mugs, depending on the level of your contribution.

 Visit the Facebook Page of GreenWings. Follow them on twitter – @GreenWings29

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