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As Google completed 15 years of its existence on 27th September this year, we are left to contemplate on the tremendous impact it has had on our lives. 15 years ago, it started with Larry Page and Sergey Brin who were at the time Ph.D students at Stanford university. To the public Google is associated with its search engine more than anything. Whether it’s an assignment to be completed or a question the teacher had asked the class, Google is the source of choice for many including you and me. Need an answer? Google is the answer. Irrespective of whether it’s a new word you learned at school or a very complicated theory in nuclear physics, Google is the God. Irrespective of your age, irrespective of your course, Google truly fulfills it’s mission statement “To organize the world’s information and make it as universally available as possible”

Google Birthday Cake Image source:
Google Birthday Cake Image source:

For a generation that has seen technology growing to what we see today, Google gives the answers for anything and everything. The search engine, in seconds, gives different options for the same keyword so we get options which were impossible to think about before Google’s existence. If it’s a song to be downloaded, you get so many versions of it from which you can choose the original, a remix, mash-ups and so on. It has also made available to us the various sources of media and things ranging from opinions of different people on a topic to research papers. It has become our portal to the world within the confines of our room.

Truly, the existence of Google has caused a huge bombardment of information on the human race. This information may range from the exact description of the actual thing to totally unrelated information just mushed up to increase the number of readers. (But you can’t really blame Google for that now, can you? It’s programmed to offer you maximum information including all the trash, how else would you get to know that people have different opinions?) Speaking about Google as such, today it’s not just a search engine, it’s a brand, a brand that most of us have come across in different phases of life, whether in the form of the various apps provided such as GTalk, YouTube,Orkut, Picasa or the Google phones (Nexus).

Today, Google has grown so big that it has 70 offices across 40 different countries (as per the statistics of September 2013).Even with respect to the work environment, Google has ranked 1st by the fortune magazine 4 times. Google’s work policies include the following.

“You can make money without doing evil”
“You can be serious without a suit”
“Work should be challenging and the challenge should be fun”

So I guess you know why Google is where it is today? Everybody likes a good work environment. The happier the employees, the better the company becomes.

How many of us can think of life without Google? Well, we may be able to live but our life would become very different from what it is today. No more YouTube, no more GTalk and GMail. All the products that have grown to become a part of our existence would be no more.
Any how, since there’s no sign of that happening soon and since we don’t want that to happen soon, keep Googling guys.

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