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It probably all started when our ancestor, the inquisitive Neanderthal, let his curiosity get the better of him and ventured out bravely into the unknown. Or maybe the poor guy was starving and really needed some food.  Either way, the trend soon caught on, and people started coming out of their homes to marvel at the world outside.

And that’s why today, many million years later, you have posters screaming at you on the streets,Get the Cheapest rates to travel to your Choice Destination!”  That’s why you see those little flyers, cunningly tucked into the folds of your daily newspaper, giving you the best deals to travel across the country – or even across the globe if you’re feeling adventurous.

The poor Neanderthal man may have started travelling in search of food and shelter.  But why do we, 65 million years more advanced, travel today?

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Undoubtedly, it’s for the thrill of exploring the unknown.

To satisfy that urge to live in a foreign land for a while, gorge on a new cuisine, and experiment with a new lingo. To see the sights you’ve only heard of in bedtime stories. To gaze in awe at the wonders that man has built over the years.  To acknowledge that beauty does exist everywhere, albeit in varying forms.

But it’s not just for the thrill.

Most often than not, we travel to the homes of our kith and kin. Remember those childhood summers we spent at Grandma’s place, frolicking under the sun? We also travel to pay homage to the dead – visiting shrines and cemeteries, spending a few moments with the souls of the long gone. Sometimes, we travel on pilgrimages to holy places seen and unseen, experiencing a miracle or two on the way.

And then, there’s the trip we take to pacify that yearning we come across at some point in our life – the urge to leave it all behind and sunbathe on an island in the middle of nowhere, completely at peace, with not a care in the world. Of course, this one doesn’t always happen, but hey – it’s nice to dream of!

And that was your introduction to the Travel Column. Pretty much speaks for itself, doesn’t it? You can expect stories of travel, interesting places, strange encounters and sudden epiphanies. Perhaps with a few snapshots to add flavor.

Have you had a trip which you would like to share?  Go ahead and send your articles right in (with photographs if possible!) to [email protected] or [email protected].

Keep travelling.  🙂

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