Ghost of love- Entry no 9(Paranormal Romance)

I am a poet and I heard the other world singing a requiem incarnating the denouement of my love. Two spirits…

He hailed the sky, but it stole his spirit instead. Daylight had casted him dead. Then he challenged the colossal sea. But his gallantry was all in vain. The horizon stole his gaze and imprisoned his mind. The world had shunned him. He longed for darkness…for his love.

She snivelled. Her gaze was blurred by a blinding glare all around. The stars mocked at her. Her feeble faith was being savaged. Her dazzle was futile and the air around was spiritless. She tried to supress the gloom and the endless oblivion prevailing around her.

A mystical maze of time and tide entranced both spirits. They fought an impasse, longing for an enchanting, endless night.

The scene soon turned purple. A serene lull lurked. Night was slithering in and thus freed what remained shackle bound. From deep within, from the horizon; from the vastness of sky; and from the chasm of ocean descended two solitary spirits. The horizon was enlightened by their guiding lights. The spirits united, showing their might, their true grit. The world welcomed them and they gleamed in relentless joy throughout the night.

But soon dawn started to spawn. A grief started to bloom. Spirits parted. Moment by moment, the light tore them apart, shredded their locked gaze. Heavens cried and the sea was beleaguered.

They were the spirits – The Moon and the Light house. They sung a fable of emotions, an epitome of love. They sung for our love, our emotions and our longing. We were the spirits … so close, yet so far.

I am a poet and I hear the other world singing…

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