Genesis 2019 – The MCOPS Student Council Installation

Leadership is not a position or a title. It is action and example

goes the age-old adage and it could not ring truer than last evening at Genesis. Is it sad to see the seniors you have known for some time leave, but at the same the time, joyous when you get to be the torchbearer for some of the things you only dreamt of doing when you saw the seniors do it? Genesis ’19 was just the latter, with the newly appointed student council members being
given their titles followed by putting up a cultural extravaganza welcoming the Freshmen to MCOPS (Manipal College of Pharmaceutical Sciences)

Held in the massive Dr. TMA Pai Auditorium the event which started at 5 pm on the holy day of Eid pulled in a massive crowd with the auditorium filling up within an hour of the beginning despite its huge seating capacity. The event started off with an address by the Chief Guest – Director of Student Affairs, MAHE, Dr Geeta Mayya. Even though the outgoing members of the college were not present, it did not dampen the mood even a bit as the newly appointed members of the students got their official badges amidst heavy cheering and the launch of their new magazine titled Ab Aeterno, which has the beautiful tagline of “Lost time is never found again”.

Following the appointment of the Student Council members, the cultural event started with great cheer as the beautifully set up stage lit up. It started off with back to back beautiful performances ranging from Classical and Western Dance, followed with singing and a beautiful skit portraying multiple personality disorder. The research scholars, the senior-most students in the entire group performed a musical and by the time they were done, the entire auditorium was hyped up with a massive a number of students going to the backside of the hall and dancing to the tunes.

Soon enough they were called on to the stage which despite of being a bit overcrowded was so full of energy as everyone danced on popular hit songs of Amitabh Bachchan and Lollipop Lagelu.

The event officially ended with the final year students all coming up on stage for a few photos as the hall slowly started clearing out as students went for the
after-event party.

The evening brimming with colours and energy actually came to an end only after half an hour after the official ending as a lot of students did stay back to dance on the stage till the music was finally cut off. It was a day to remember for all the new students as well as for the faculty and old students as Genesis 2019 was indeed a big success on all terms.


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