Generation gap

This post is strictly from a student’s point of view.

generation gap

If there is one thing to be observed in a daily lecture class scenario is that the generation gap between Lecturers Vs Students is gaining prominence. Initially, I had the assumption that it was only my class to be plagued by this generation gap but as I shared tales with friends of different batches, and of different institutes – this issue occurs at some level in all learning-orientated environment.

Growing up as a kid, my grandmother never got tired of repeating a million times a day , the Golden rule in life to abide by :  Matha >Pitha> Guru> Bhagavan. Sure , at home, one is molded to behave appropriately or else we’d be in hot soup. But a person’s character is not judged by what he does when he is restrained, but more towards what he does not do when the freedom of choice is his/hers , for instance, when studying abroad. I’ve heard of a hundred and one gruesome stories and Ive even witnessed scenes of dispute between students and lectures in class. But what may seem as a notorious behavior to some, could only be an individual’s path to survive the lecture hour.

From the podium’s point of view ( this is a sole presumption of what goes through the lecturer’s head)
I wake up early, settle my personal matters fast and get to work. I spent hours preparing the slides, gathering and condensing the information before displaying in the most convenient and student-friendly presentation. I have to make sure these people get what I’m saying. I have to stand over an hour in front of over 100 people and make sure they get what I am saying. All I ask is that you pay attention and be serious.

From the bench’s point of view:
Im a nocturnal being. My peak hours are from midnight to dawn when Im high on cola. I am not a morning person , nor do I function well after lunch and I cant wait to get bacl home once the clock strikes 3 to catch up with my sleep. I can only sit and listen for so long. Amiodarone, amionipine, amiloride sounds greek and are registered exactly the same to me. I dont care which parasite eggs float or sink in salt water. Ulcer is an ulcer, tumour is a tumour. My mobile feels insecure that I have not paid any attention to it. I want to sleep. I hope Nasi ayam doesn;t finish by the time I get to Asian K. OMG, i just though of something funny that I have to SHARE right NOW ! Its all ion seniors notes, even if I miss out on what she’s talking, I can catch up

True, no disrespect intended but it is somehow perceived so. This follows a vicious cycle of dissatisfaction and rebel towards each other which totally disrupts the teaching-learning environment. My wits are at blunt end as to how we could prevent or reverse this malignant scenario so I hope by sharing, the various readers would be able to share their thought on the matter.

Note : It is my sincerest appeal that this post may not be regarded as offensive to anyone as it is just an issue I noticed that should be solved.

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  1. When your teachers/syllabus is highly incompetent, you do lose respect.

    20-30% of the CSE syllabus in MIT is wrong/taught wrong by the faculty…

    A medical analouge of the mistakes they make would be saying that chopping off a linb using an axe is the same as doing it as a surgical procedure, or that the cure for every disease would be to take your brain and transplant it into another body.

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