Fungus is one of the most shameless fellows on the earth!!It cares for nothing.Rests and multiplies wherever it wants to.And no better place they can get than humid climate of Manipal to amplify.One of my seniors went out for some days and when returned the whole room was filled with it including bed sheet window-cover and remnants of cashew on the floor even though the fan was moving at max all this days.

And as if their weird look was not enough , they smelled like hell trying hard to keep us away.Well in this 10 days they must have thought that the room is their own property.Probably they have learned this from some of the smart tenants who succeed in capturing the entire property of the original host.Anyway what I am planning to do is keep a 100 watt GE bulb enlightened for 24 hrs in my cupboard to keep them away from the clothes I wear, especially…leave it.Anyone, if have a better idea please let me know.After all , we cannot register a court case!!

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