Rain rain go Away!

Manipal Monsoon Rain KMC Greens Photo

It’s been raining continuously for 4 days now. It’s made me sick and tired of all the muck that has resulted from the downpour. The clothes do not dry and i am feeling very lazy to get out of bed and go to college.Manipal Monsoon Rain KMC Greens Photo

That is the condition the KMC greens are in at the moment. Fortunately this morning the rain seems to have abated a bit, but, it’s still cloudy and it looks ominous that there will be more rain later.

The Monsoons provide the much-needed succor for the farming sectors in south India as water shortage is a big problem here. Luckily Manipal lies on the west coast of India and hence is hit by the monsoons quite early.

But too much rain spoils the evenings as we cannot go out. Cloistering in the TV room is not a good alternative, and tempers begin to fray. Everybody gets claustrophobic and depressed.

No sunshine for 4 days continuously and everything wet around you is a bad bad feeling to have!
Trust me on this!

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