From Serenades to Jingles in Goa!

The Christmas spirit was in the air and the breeze which brushed past me whispered a tune of cheer in my ears. The jingles of happiness tuned me into the atmosphere of the perfect place to be during Christmas…. you guessed it right… GOA! The land of sun, sand, sea and spirit! My serenade began singing the best Christmas songs in my head. It put a whistle on my lips and a hop in my step. I was on cloud nine.

That’s where I was this Christmas, and that’s the reason I couldn’t get to you guys through the Serenade Of My City this Tuesday. Sincere apologies! Christmas is my favorite festival, has always been. The best Christmas is surely the one when it’s winter and better when it snows. Couldn’t ask for it in Goa for sure, so we celebrated it in Goan style… on the beach!!!

There were shacks around, all decorated with beautiful lights. Stars hung everywhere. Looked like the universe had stepped down on earth for a day. Breath taking view everywhere, and the festive atmosphere was there to gobble everybody into it. The churches were illuminated and looked truly heavenly.

There were carols being sung around, people strolling with Santa caps. Parents doing last-minute Santa-shopping for their kids, and all the kids, being good and obedient so that they can get their gifts. Little brats! Festivals like these make me wonder why we do not celebrate each day like it was one.100_9999

There is so much happiness in the air. Everybody making merry in the ferry! Times when you feel ‘Everything’s going to be alright!’. Times when you find hope in the most hopeless situation. When you look up at the sky, find fireworks, and you feel like this is the moment you always wanted to live. You feel loved, you feel great, you feel at peace amidst the chaos!

I lived the spirit of this Christmas to the fullest and wished some magic dust in everyone’s life as I let the sand in my hands slip out from the gap between my fingers and felt the water rise to my legs, and then flow back into the sea through the gap in my toes. I took a step back, stared at my footprint in the sand. And at that precise moment, I knew I had made my mark. And then the water came with a roar, and went back wiping all my signs, so silently that maybe if I had not seen it, I would believe if somebody said it never happened!

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year, I sign off. See you all in the new year with new stories singing the serenade of new cities. Until then, Cheers to new beginnings and happy endings!

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