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What happens when a heart full of dreams and ambitions is set free in this magical musical called life? Some come true, sweet melody follows, and then some are shattered, and you’re left behind picking up your lost notes. But that’s what makes life interesting really, don’t you think? The unpredictability, the fear of the unknown, kind of spices up the usual daily routine.

Plain happiness or sadness would surely make everything monotonous and there would be no scope to learn. It’s only when we face ups and downs that we learn to tackle situations well. We cannot always hum a happy tune until we know the difference between the happy and sad. Well, that’s my story here. I’m just another Indian girl, who’s set foot out into this world of harsh reality from my little fantasy world. And now, it’s my time to face the music, life has to offer me.

Determined to find my fit in the jigsaw puzzle, I begin my journey and there is so much to learn. And i know, I’m not alone in this. Everyday, everywhere, there are hoards of people getting out of their comfort zones with just one thing on their mind. “I have to do this!” But ‘HOW’ they choose to do this, is the question they should ask themselSerenade of my city 1ves before they set out.

It’s a mad corporate jungle out here. And survival of the fittest has always been the motto for ages now. It’s no different here. Everyone is keen on finding their X-factor, wishing for some recognition. They strive for a hint of appreciation or a glint of hope. Wishful thinking!!! Sigh!

Anyway in this column, every week I’ll attempt to capture the whole essence of this stage that most college graduates go through with their first job. I intend to observe and record my own reactions to various situations and also those of the people around me! The confusion, the pandemonium, the adaption, the home-sickness, the adjustment and everything else under the sun! You may read it as a story, as an episode you might experience in future, or maybe you’ll find something that you can already relate to. We are all in the same boat after all.

Be a part of my story. Share your experiences in the comments and let’s weave our own theory together! Cheers to new beginnings!

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Here to spread magic....! I believe miracles happen n I have complete faith in THE SECRET. I love running my imaginations wild and fairytales make me happy. But i do realise one needs to be in touch with the reality to remain sane, practical and so i call myself Magically Grounded! ;-) Cheers to life! My Personal Blog is at Miracles Happen


  1. Good initiative. Things are always messed up in life, so it becomes imperative to make some sense out of all that clutter.
    Best regards on this journey. Keep it going 🙂


  2. I still remember my first day at work. As you might know, we Doctors do not have it easy. The first day at work after your examinations, when the examiners have put you down as worthless and a hazard for your patients, but yet, have passed you!!

    Then you go an begin work on your first case, and you never know whether you passed because you’re good or whether the examiners were correct when they said you are a hazard for your patients!!

    Yeah, it was terrifying…

    • Haha… i can but only imagine THE doctor’s dilemma with life in your hands. Always gives me the shivers. The first day of a doctor is a forte i would like to explore. I ll catch hold of a medical frnd soon and mayb write about it in one of my column entries.. 😉

  3. I’m starting my first day at work this morning (I’ll let you know how it goes) and I’m pretty nervous.

      • Hey! Had forgotten about the comment here. saw your new post and commented there and then i got a notification that you’ve replied here 😀

        my first day was awesome. Did i tell you i work at ISCKON as a volunteer? i shifted to hyderabad recently and it was my first day. not exactly a new job but a new place. 🙂

        • No problemo… Happens to me all the tym as well 😉
          Wow.. That’s wonderful.. m sure ur havin a gr8 tym out there.. do keep us updated with ur serenade 🙂 Good luck…

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