From girl to a guide..

The eyes are an ocean in which her dreams are reflected. Her charm is commendable of essence which she upholds in her heart. Her glamour renders you ecstatic. Each footstep leaves your heart throbbing and that smile which leaves you delighted. The poise endorses her dignity and that undeviating look leaves you thrilled.

Are you all geared up to hold her hand and walk through the pros n cons of life? Do you promise to be her strength so that by virtue of true love and devotion she will remain a chaste wife? Can you assure eternal love and undivided attention?

So here are the seven vows which you need to comprehend before you can step into a lifelong commitment.

Seven Vows

First vow: God may blessings in the form of pure and nourishing food with a respectful life. The groom pledges to provide well being to the family and the bride to espouse all the responsibilities.

Second vow: The groom requests the bride to be his strength so that he can secure the family whereas the bride agrees demanding true love.

Third vow: God may bestow insight and prosperity in order a persuade a content life. The couple pledges to remain committed and the bride promises to be unblemished.

Fourth vow: The groom thanks his wife for bringing fortune to the family and the bride promises to serve their family in every possible way.

Fifth vow: The couple prays for the auspiciousness of all the beings and to bless each other’s families and friends with riches.

Sixth vow: God is appealed to provide bounty to the family and life long togetherness. The groom wishes that his wife would fill his life with bliss and peace and the bride assures that she will shoulder all the divine acts of her husband.

Seventh vow: The couple is thankful to God while requesting this togetherness for the lives to come. They swear to nurture this relation with honesty and love and to be loyal towards each other.

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