Food Court Atrocities, ‘Coupon Boss!’

It’s an awesome thing that our very own MIT Food Court is in-sync with modern technology unlike most other messes, what with combo-card access using electronic machines! Our boss has become kewl, to say the least.But off-late, the improvisations made by the Food Court administrators are rather redundant and irritating.

thy shall rot, standing in the queue….
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Rewind back to the evening of our math sessional exams. Differential equations taking a toll of  you, you curse Lagrange, and what is left of his family, and go to food court. Your stomach literally churns, as you skipped lunch.Even a cup of coffee is elixir. You can smell the pastry drawing you in, but the last thing you would want to see, is glaring at you in full glory. A looong queue moving slower than a tree. The reason? Coupon boss!! 

These are the wonderful sights of the new ‘Coupon’ system introduced by the Food court. Unlike the usual day where one suavely swooshes the combo card over the machine, we now have to wait for a tiny little coupon to pop out! We then show the coupon to our boss at the counter and get our plates.

Coming to think of it, the coupons are really unnecessary! Firstly, it is an enormous waste of paper!! Imagine millions of bits of paper wasted just for show, when people don’t have books to read! Secondly, it stagnates the crowd! You really don’t want to stand at the queue after being beaten to death by Jacobians (a nasty process in double integration). What’s wrong with the old system devoid of coupons? Dear Food Court, sometimes, simplicity is the best way.

P.S : quoting Vishaal : ‘stupid bureaucracy’ , apt!


  1. To speak of it, the coupon system is pretty much the most effective system our FC has implemented till date. Not only does it prevent students from taking multiple plates for the cost of one, 3 coupon vending machines are placed at the FC at three different locations. This prevents clogging of lines due to ineffective machines. The line only consists of people with coupons and that should move pretty fast. In case you haven't noticed, they've got new machines which work pretty fast.

  2. You've got me wrong: previously the machines used to record the card swipes, THAT prevents students from taking multiple plates. Attaching a thing which pops out bits of paper to these machines was well, NOT necessary!

  3. No, that doesn't. I've taken a hell lot of extra plates this way too. This just reduces human effort. The FC guys do not have to stand and check if everyone is taking the coupon.

  4. So,
    You think this much paper can be used to reduce a trifle of human effort?
    You think us engineers can't come up with more elegant solutions?
    You think paper is that easily affordable?

  5. i agree with Lalith
    i dnt think it is feasible to waste paper in an attempt to reduce effort.
    Automation should be in sync with sustainability
    That is why it is high time that we take our stands as engineers

  6. Agreed, we must bring up more elegant solutions. But for a fact, managing about a thousand students in about an hour is not an easy task. I personally feel this new system makes it a bit more easier.

  7. @Anonymous U suck.

    @Veneer of Vanity awesome post! i loved your writing style. it's really awesome. 'you curse Lagrange, and what is left of his family' XD
    But still, i agree with Aditya here. It is a very efficient system.

    @PPl who are against this: stop complaining, and, if you can, come up with a better solution to check 1000 teenagers 4 times a day.

  8. I come from Kota a small town with big coaching institues 😉 but dude even they had elctronic attendance markers with card swipe. In an era of such engineering this is some stone-age-sh*t.

    @Divs : You are one agressive person.I think your comment made a lot of sense but I guess you can also see that other people are arguing too.

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