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I’m sure most of you are very excited as your first week in Manipal is almost here, for those who are still unsure due to the inconsistent/strange updating of the Waitlist don’t worry too much, things will clear out in a few days. On popular demand we thought we’ll compile a list of things you probably want to do/NOT want to do in your first week.

Let me start off by warning you that Manipal has a provision for parents to stay in hostels when they come during admission time, at least in the boy’s hostel. It’s common for a group of first years to roam around pretending to be seniors and go room to room ragging fellow first years. Don’t overdo the banging of doors if the person isn’t opening because there is a high chance that some parents are inside. It’s sounding really strange but trust me on this one. I learnt it the hard way.

Wait list mit
Wait For At Least One Lecture Of Each Subject Before Buying The Books To Be Sure Of What Your Teacher Has Recommended.

Figure out your mess in the first few days, I’d recommend the Food Court for MIT/MIC/MIM/BBA students as it’s a good place to meet people/socialize though you’d find the ones closer to your hostel more convenient due to the shorter lines and can be useful during exams etc.

You’ll probably end up at Big Bazaar (Udupi) or Campus Stores buying stuff to set your room up. If you forget your table lamp, don’t worry too much about it. You won’t need it for sometime at least. We have prepared a list of things to carry. Please check the list for more details. For those of you looking to buy new clothes/shoes there are some stores near Syndicate circle.

Wait for at least one lecture of each subject before buying the books to be sure of what your teacher has recommended. You can buy pre-used or new books from Kamath Book Store or Mrs. Potty and return them at half the price at the end of the semester. KMC books are available at stores at Tiger Circle. MIT students could also order the books online; we have a list of recommended text books uploaded. Please check this link for more details.

The Combo card’s you will receive will have to be activated for it to work in the EDU building/Library/I.C etc. Though the rules will be relaxed for the first month or two, it’s better you get them activated soon. The activation centre is generally in the EDU building however you will be informed where it will be this year.

Buy your sim card after deciding which network you want to use, even though it’s not a major decision you will probably use that number for the next 4-5 years. All the telecom companies will set up kiosks in campus. Popular places are Campus Stores (outside girl’s hostel and outside 5th Block in MIT campus). The Airtel/Vodafone store at Tiger Circle etc. We will soon have a review on all the telecom providers in Manipal.

Most of you would end up buying speakers for the room, you can get decent speakers from Tiger Circle (TC) or if you go to Udupi/Mangalore you might get them cheaper.

Get your library card ready as well, because if you don’t get it in the first month, chances are you would never end up getting one made. I know people who are entering their 5th semester and still have not made their library card.

You will also initially find it strange, but you’ll have to switch from “Bhaiya” to “Boss”. No one would respond to Bhaiya here. It’s a good way to identify first years.

I’ve tried to summarize things from the college/academics point of view. I didn’t want to suggest too much as it should be your experience and not something you did because you read somewhere. It’s your first year – you’ll meet some of the best people / have some of the best times and craziest stories to share. Have fun!

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