Top 9 Grooming Tools to Give Your Cat A Stunning Look

Are you a cat lover? Do you want to transform your cat into a stunningly gorgeous little beauty? Cats have an inherent habit of grooming themselves all times. A little help is required from your end to take it to the next level. If you want to keep your cat in perfect appealing condition, here are the top 9 grooming tools that can make your pet smell, look, and feel good.

Perfect Brush: Cat brushes are available in various size and shapes. Ideally, for long-haired cats the wide-toothed plastic brush with beaded tips and for short-haired cats roller-teeth combs with very short bristles are recommended.

Toothbrush: A soft-bristled toothbrush is perfect for your cat’s small mouth. For frisky kittens use cotton swabs and slide your fingers across their teeth.

Grooming Gloves: Grooming gloves are very useful to preen the cat without drawing its attention. The glove has tiny bumps that collects your cat’s loose fur and helps you to keep the pet clean. This is the perfect way to keep a not-so-cooperative cat looking good and neat.

Nail Clipper: Using a safety nail clipper is the best option to cut and trim those  sharp pointy claws. Clipping a cat’s nails is a tedious process and it require patience from both ends. The base of your cat’s claw has a collection of veins and nerves. Cutting a little too deep can cause sharp pain. This is where safety nail clippers come into play. Specially designed, these clippers prevent the sharp edges of the blades from getting too close to the base of the claw.

Wipes: Cats are more likely to suffer from allergies than other pets. It is hygienic to use kitty wipes to remove any discharge and secretions. Kitty wipes are soft and safe for cats. When you are travel with your cat it is easy to use them and dispose them as you need.

De-shedding Tool: As the summer approaches, cats shed off their fur to cool themselves. About 90% of the fur shedding can be controlled by buying a de-shedding tool. There are plenty of stores that sell online discount pet item for cats, browse to find the best deal. This tool is far more effective than ordinary brushes to remove excess fur.

Cornstarch: Even though it’s technically not a tool, many cat owners do not know the importance of cornstarch. It is a must-have grooming ingredient that makes your cat’s fur appear fluffy and shiny. Regular dusting using cornstarch can leave your cat with a fluffier and less greasy coat.

De-matter: De-matter is a tool with long razor-like prongs used for maintaining even coat. The tough tangles in the fur can be easily removed with a de-matter as compared to scissors and other tools.

Waterless Cat Bath Spray: To give your cat a fresh look and a great smell waterless cat bath spray can be used. It gives the fur coat a shiny and moisturized look without the need to wet the cat’s fur.

Make grooming enjoyable and amazing. Transform your cat using these 9 essential grooming tools.

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