“Fast” Politics enters MIT – Warden to go without food for 48 hours

Politics of Fasting
And now 48 hour "Fast" for better Ion - Internet connectivity

Inspired by  Anna Hazare  and Narendra Modi, Chief Warden of MIT hostels has decided to undertake a ‘two-day fast’ against students’ indiscipline in the hostels.

The move comes in the wake of repeated offences in the hostels by  students like loud and boisterous birthday celebrations ,overnight group chitchats, possession of banned substances, boozing and smoking in the hostels,vandalism  etc….

Asked why he chose this method of disciplining the students,he said,”We suspended them from attending classes and even imposed heavy fines,but in vain. So,I decided to undertake a fast as it proved to be 100 % powerful weapon  in recent times like in the case of Jan Lok Pal bill.”

But this decision did not go down well with the students in the hostels. Perhaps,inspired by Shankar Singh Vagela,  ShawShanker Tusharsyani (name changed), a resident of 10th block, announced his  fast against “shoddy internet service of ION”  to counter the fast by the Chief Warden. He is confident that all the students will swear their allegiance to him and make his mission successful.

Meanwhile,Kamath Circle has been earmarked as the venue for the Chief Warden’s fast and arrangements are in the progress at the time of writing this article.  Many distinguished dignitaries  are expected to attend the fast to show their solidarity to the cause.


P.S : All facts in this article are made up but you already knew that, didn’t youThis article was submitted by: Vijay from MIT. The author hasn’t supplied any other information.


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