Falling in love with you..


This story is about a teenager, Sehej.

Like any other girl of the same age, her life exists in between her friends, studies and the “infatuations”. She is innocent, charming and intelligent. A blend of fun and talent. A girl who is familiar with all the positive aspects of people but is unusual to their prudence.

Then comes a twirl in her life where she realizes her true being and unaware of the fact that one fine day her prince charming or a so-called ‘friend’ is going to make her life worthy.

How within no time everything just transformed… before she could even realize what all was happening, she found herself clutched in troubles… How her friend betrayed her… everyone standing against her..even her prince charming in doubt of her love…unable to face the gawky eyes of her own friends, how she resolves to become a perfect girl for her prince… How to make everyone realize her value…Just like giving them the dose of their own medicine.

And this was not enough, as it is truly said; till the time you have a life, many more problems to come…

This is a fiction, the episodes of which are inspired from my life. The things which I observed and the complications which tangled me. The years which have passed by and still the impact didn’t fade..


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