Expenses in Manipal: What should be your pocket money?

Expenses in Manipal

To help you calculate your expenses I have come up with the following list. Some are necessity while the others are luxury. This is just for you to get an idea how much will you end up spending.



  1. Transportation – Minimum fare is Rs.25. If you go from one corner of Manipal to the other, it won’t cost you more than Rs.60 (one side). Beware of night charges. Auto anna charges 1.5 times the rate after 10pm
  2. Food – Around Rs.30 to Rs.50 in the 10 am breaks. Yes you will feel very hungry. If you go out for dinner at a decent restaurant and have lavishly, then the total bill comes out to be not more than Rs.600 for four people.
  3. Cigarette – Rs.10 a smoke. Rs.170 a pack
  4. Alcohol – Well, depends on your capacity. An average person ends up spending around Rs-500 every occasion.
  5. MIT Cafeteria – You will love the Oreo shake and cold coffee over there and will tend to have it again and again. Comes out to be Rs.30 per glass.
  6. Night Canteen – For late night bites, spending around Rs.25 is normal on night canteen.

Expenses in Manipal



  1. Mobile Recharge – Rs.50 would be enough for a month but then depends on how much you can actually talk. Go for full talk time recharge. Saves money.
  2. Laundry – Around Rs.300-Rs.400 per month.


  1. Study Material
    1. Notes photocopy – Not more than Rs.250 if you want everything.
    2. Stationary  – Not more than Rs.500
    3. Workshop UniformBoys: Rs.850 Girls: Rs.350 (depends on size)
  2. Buying things from Campus Store/Manipal Store – Around Rs.1500 – Rs.2000 depending on what all you need.
  3. Gym and Swimming Pool – Rs.300 per semester for Swimming Pool. Rs.100 for four years for MIT Gym. Rs.1500 per month for MARENA
  4. Class Party – Around Rs.300 per head



  1. Night Lamp – Maximum Rs 250/-
  2. Clothes Stand – Rs.800 (approx.)
  3. Electric Kettle – Depends on the brand and capacity and if you need one.
  4. Non-Marking Shoes – Starts from Rs.800
  5. Calculator – CASIO fx-991ms(Rs.600) or fx-991es (Rs.845)

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