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Dressing up every day for college has become a nightmare now. What to wear is the same question every night before going to bed. You feel your closet is always empty and you have nothing to wear. You have spent a fortune on clothes, but still you think you have nothing. You envy your classmates for what they wear and how they look. The comparison is on an every day basis and you want to stand out and look the best in your gang.

In college, you don’t follow many rules and restrictions. You are open to wear anything but there are some clothing ethics. In college, we can just roam around, sit wherever we like and drink beverages while taking down notes and listening to lectures. Stalk people on Facebook when we want. College starts with the arrival of new dress code, which is not even of one type. There are people who don’t bother about dressing up, but some students like to show up in a different dresses.

However, we are big dashing supporters of some fantastic ideas that will change your everyday look at the college. We will guide you what college outfits to wear and what to avoid. How to flaunt your bling pair of shoes and how to style your hair. We are the ones who will guide you point to point and it is you who are going to follow these amazing tips. So come along and get ready to change your look for this part of the year and see how easily you can  show off with these new ideas.


  • You need to look nice and decent for the rest of the day. College is not the one thing you would like to attend in the day. There can be many other important chores scheduled for the day like some meetings, shopping, lunch or meet ups. By wearing the right outfit and accessorizing yourself, you will look good for the day and will give a nice impression.
  • It shows a respect for your institution. A good institution and professors never like to see untidy students who look like they just came out of the bed and didn’t bother to wear the right dress for the day. Properly dressing up for college shows that you respect the place where you study and the professor whom you listen. They may look to you attire while writing letters of recommendation or character certificates.
  • If you have some nice and interesting clothes; why not wear them? If you are into fashion and like to read fashion magazines and blogs, then you must have a good fashion and style sense. If your closet if filled with some cute and interesting clothes then you can try out some different styles by mixing and matching different dresses and accessorizing them with some unique goodies. By trying this idea, you can certainly get back every penny you spent on your dresses.


Dressing up has become a challenge these days. Whether you are going for a party or a wedding, you need to get dressed in the perfect way. These are just occasional events; on the contrary going to college is an everyday activity. You need to get dressed every that becomes tiring and boring after some time. Your closet seems empty and you don’t feel like wearing the same old clothes hanging around. The key is to combine different dresses and accessorize them with some nice and decent accessories. Let us see how we can perk up our style for everyday use.

  1. CHOOSE THE RIGHT DRESSChoose the right dress
    If you are dressing up for college then go for some nice and decent dresses. Avoid too much bling and flair in dresses. Go for smart and sleek ones that are easy to wear and comfortable. You can also try mixing and matching different dresses. Try wearing jeans with different colored shirts; style them with matching printed scarves. You can also wear skirts with different contrasts. The tip is to understand the basic meaning of wearing the right dress for the day.
    College doesn’t mean you load yourself with lots of jewelry and other stuff. Keep yourself simple and decent. Never cross your limit because you are there to study not to hang around and show off. You can flaunt a bit but don’t forget the real purpose of being in the college. Go for jewelery like small earrings and a nice neck piece. Wear a watch to stay on time or add some belts and scarves. You will definitely show up in nice attire for the college every single day.

    Hairstyles matter a lot when you go for college. Always opt for styles that are quick and easy and you can do your hair in no time. The easiest ones are ponytails, braids and knots. As they don’t require much time and look just lovely. You can also accessorize your hair with some bands and clips to give a nice look. In the summer go for tied hair as keeping them open will be a hassle and difficult to manage in such heat.


    Always carry a big sized bag for you college days. Tote, duffel and back packs are the best choice, as you need to keep a lot of stuff in them, stationery, books, phone and what not. A women’s bag is treasure chest; you don’t know what is inside. Girls love to stuff their bags with whatever they find. Some funky colors can certainly brighten up your day.

    Never wear bold and pinching colors in college. Loading you face with too much make up will not make you attractive, but you will look quite odd among your college friends and too much off from your age. Go for minimal make with nude shades. As less is always more and it is better for college girls.
    College is an everyday priority which is not for 1 or 2 hours. You have to spend a long time over there. Always wear shoes that are most comfortable for you feet. Go for some breathable ones as sweat that collects in your finger can cause some after infections. Flats work the most and if you like to roam around a lot then joggers or sneakers will work amazingly well.

So dress in the most comfortable way and always keep in mind comfort should be the first priority. Wear colors according to the season and always keep yourself neat and tidy as the first impression is always the last impression.

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